List of hoax pedophilia organisations

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Due to the highly speculative and paranoid culture of anti-pedophile posturing, it is perhaps unsurprising that a number of hoax pedophilia organizations have been put forward by scaremongers.

These groups range from failed ideas and folded websites, through rejected proposals, to utter contrivances. Nevertheless, they have been described as "A Few Of The More Notorious And Better-Known Boy-Love/Girl-Love Or Paedophile Associations And Organisation Web Sites" (


  • Rene Guyon Society - there is some debate concerning the reliability of this organisation's membership figures. In reality, the René Guyon Society was a one-man operation (Tim O'Hara) blown to mythical proportions by right-wing scaremongers.
  • Lafayette Society - a bizarre idea. The organization is said to have included a regression to the dress and mannerisms of historical aristocracy, provision of an environment in which children could engage in sex with adults, and use of glass instruments that reduce the girth of a grown man's phallus for the penetration of an infant.