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A large number of blogs (f. 2005-2007) were deleted from Google's Blogger service, with massive purges coming in the Spring-Summer of 2007, thanks to Absolute Zero among others. This article is primarily concerned with those adversely affected sites which advocated for their cause. Some of the URLs are now in the hands of organised hate groups, so follow them at your own risk. Where possible, theme is integrated into the title as a prompt for those who may have more information for us.

Historical archives can sometimes be found by submitting the old URLs to Wayback Machine.

Featured sites

These are sites that were well-visited when they existed, and merit an encyclopedia article.

Monster in the Closet

  • Monster in the Closet ( was published by Catalyst of Change. This was a long term social commentary/civil rights effort by someone well-known in the online community. Unfortunately, there exists no working archive of this website. The new site is available at

Debate Guide range

  • Game ON! (, Game OFF! ( and HaterBlog Cracker ( were published by Juan Gonzalez Llort. Only the first was ever deleted, and was retained because the owner spotted it before a hijacker.


  • IdiocyMuseum ( was published by Ella, an at-the-time sixteen-year old female girllover. The content of this site was mainly philosophical, and stimulated lots of discussion on the comment threads.


  • Defending the Paederotic ( was published by ILGO and remains online. However, a previous blogspot home was deleted. This website was of an advocacy nature. Just as interesting was the blog Pay no attention to Daddy ( that was deleted despite the fact that its sole purpose was to advocate against incest and child abuse.

My Silent War

  • My Silent War ( was created in 2005 by Silent War, then a 17-year-old girllover, to advocate for the acceptance of childlove. It is the origins of the childlove peace logo.


It is worth noting that some blogs still exist. These are LeX's Blog ( and Predator Tracker ( and Ethical Love (

Virtually unknown sites

These are sites that were vacuous, virtually unread, extremely short-lived, hard to recall or any combination of these.

  • Life of a Pedo ( was published by Alan, who claimed to be a teenage pedophile in therapy. The content was intellectually lacking, and the author was urged to kill himself by trolls. The author later claimed to be role-playing.
  • A little slice of heaven ( and "Life is Vast" ( were two blogs written by Angel Boy, after the majority of sites had been deleted. Unsurprisingly, these two (one of which was a picture board) went the same way.
  • Virtual Diversity ( was published by Apakal - a Girllover who rendered a version of the GLogo, and contained miscellaneous childlove articles.
  • Refusing to be Silent ( was published by BLueRibbon, and tackled civil rights.
  • Heart of a Child ( was published by Coeurl. This was a personal-statement project embarked on by a minor-attracted youth. A small number of posts were made, however - other blogs had been deleted before this. On the 4th of April, 2007, the blog was deleted and promptly squatted by an ally. The site was not restored.
  • Etham Dangermouse (unknown) was a gay teen who had his blog deleted because it contained pictures of attractive, 14+ boys. The URL was squatted by LeX after the blog was deleted.
  • Liberal Leftist Lunatic ( was published by CK - a teenage childlover. It contained a mixture of content, including reports from therapy. He was repeatedly goaded on to kill himself by trolls including ACME. He has not been seen on-line since this site was deleted.
  • United for truth in Allah ( was published by Erich. It offered an Islamic perspective on Girllove. The site is now only open to invited users, or may be used as a phishing site for ACME, Absolute Zero or PJ.
  • Dark-Freedom ( was a newsblog published by Dark Jedi.