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The internet presents multiple opportunities for discussing our issues among like-minded people and other interest groups. The topics appear frequently on news websites, fora, blogs and usenet - and can often be found with search engines.

Skeptical/Political/Science Fora

These boards, usually based around Atheism/Agnosticism, Philosophy and Science tend to see more than their share of threads concerning adult-minor sexuality. The readership tends to be more open minded than the general population, making any arguments more likely to convince others. Some of us have been contacted by others, and given accounts that would appear to back this up.

Examples include II, SFN, Sciforums, Politics Forum.

In particular, many constructive debates were conducted on II, including Ethics of Pedophilia 2006, Genetics of Pedophilia 2006, Marrying a 12 year old 2006, Predators derail thread 2006, Partij voor Naastenliefde... 2006, Short ass Child Molestor 2006, Discussion of Pedophilia 2006, What is Pedophilia? 2006, For Castorama 2006, The 'Pedophilia' poll 2006, Lafave 2006, State of our board 2006, Incest? 2007, Underage Camwhores 2007, Pedophilia OK? 2007, Execute "Pedophiles"? 2007, Paedophiles / Ask a Paedophile 2007, Pedophilia (Merged) 2008.

Unfortunately, II can no longer be described as the archetypical receptive web forum. Administrators have tended towards a more bureaucratic, authoritarian approach, driving many members away from the board. Eventually, the site was taken on by a child-protection worker, and is now a shadow of its former self.

Other examples from around the web include Pedophile Fantasies (Deviant Desires, 2000 - 2006), SFN Discussion thread - Scientific discussion, 711 replies and locked (2005), DebateUnlimited - 330 replies (2006), Naruto Forums - Acceptance of Pedophilia, 859 replies (2007), Sauk Valley.

Other communities

AnonTalk is an experimental BBS, where no one contributor is given any identity other than a temporarily assigned letter of the alphabet, after he or she joins a thread. Anontalk sees a very large number of threads concerning pedophilia.

Alternative, Libertarian, Anarchist, Technology and Anime communities have all been highly receptive. The perfect example of this is NF.

Some websites are highly youth oriented: GoLiveWire, Scarleteen, Queer Youth (UK), SexEtc, but sometimes ban editors because of "grooming" concerns.

Special interest

You can find up-to-date links for many GL/BL fora on sites such as boylinks, and some of the more established Girl-Lover forums include GC and VoA. We have stopped listing all such forums, due to their lack of applicability to debate, and very poor hosting (a board very rarely reaches its first year on the same host).

Some of the more politically-oriented forums include:


Some like-minded individuals have started blogging sites that document their thoughts and pursuits. These are covered in detail here.

Social networking

YouTube and other video sites are probably the only networking sites where our issues are discussed with a degree of openness. YT has a number of channels that we find interesting, but they change very frequently.


Amazon sell books on any topic, because of an established and rarely-challenged corporate evangelism ethos that allows them to profit from fringe subjects. Book reviews on Amazon and its UK sister site are also free from censorship, on the condition that they pertain to the goods that are being sold, and not the reviewer's preconceptions thereof.