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The start of Stanley's Playboy article

Lawrence Allen Stanley is an American lawyer, Playboy-published writer and photography businessman who once faced spurious Child Pornography charges in Brazil (see minimodels injustice). These charges were supposedly dropped due to the fact that the images he was being charged for, had been produced prior to Brazil having updated it's definition of child pornography (which occurred in 2003).


Stanley made a career as a New York Attorney, defending in cases that included Child Pornography. At one point, he was said to have defended NAMBLA.

Experience in this area led Stanley to write articles on the subject of child pornography, notably "The Hysteria Over Child Pornography and Paedophilia" for Paidika, later published in Playboy as "The Child Pornography Myth" (see links). In the article, Stanley contended that:

"The largest child-pornography ring in the United States is run by the Government. It is possible that without Uncle Sam, there would be no child-porn business."

Unverified claims

Decidedly anti-pedophile sources alleged that Stanley went on to build businesses around child pornography. Whilst Stanley is well known for the photography of girl-nudes, these claims of illegality do appear to be highly suspect.


The following titles are probably publications of Lawrence Stanley:

  • Uncommon Desires (Girl photography)

Publication press/companies:

  • Passion Press
  • Alessandra's Smile
  • Orphelia Press
  • Minimodels


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