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Krumme13 (Crooked13) is a German online media-portal and forum for MAPs, that grew out of a now dissolved activist association of the same name.[1] The portal, which runs social media accounts on YouTube and Instagram is managed by Dieter Gieseking, who also founded the association in 1993, officially closing it in 2003. Their application for recognition as a non-profit association was rejected in 2001, as was the entry in the German register of associations. The association had at times faced controversy concerning its "field reports" into the status and nature of Youth Erotica, before the statutes were strengthened in the 10s. The only convictions that came about from these events were nevertheless for a translated testimony from Dutch Politician Edward Brongersma's widely legal Loving Boys, and not images.[2][3] Subsequently, the men were acquitted.[4] The group also called for the relaxation of Youth Erotica statutes and legislation that criminalizes voluntary sexual relations between minors and adults, arguing in favor of freedom for minors.

More recently, Krumme13 has started criminal proceedings against, after they were accused of encouraging criminal activity.


In autumn 2001, two members of Krumme13 were charged with distributing explicit materials on the internet via the Krumme13 website at the time.[5]

After protest actions by residents and child protection associations , Krumme13 continued its activities in Hamburg-Eidelstedt from 2002 . That year around 50,000 people signed a petition from the Schotterblume e. V. (contact and information center for victims of mental, physical and sexual violence in childhood and partnership) to the German Bundestag in order to achieve a ban on pedophile associations and the “dissemination of pedophile ideas”.[6]

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