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Juan Gonzalez Llort (pseudonym) - a writer from the UK, set up the resources that would lead to the foundation of Newgon.com by himself and Jillium, but has now retired from administrating this site.

"I have met and read about many people who have been involved in positive intergenerational love relationships, pedophiles and also those who have experienced both an alternative sexuality and atypical sexual lifestyle. Most importantly, I have a 'radically neutral' take on these issues - one that does not play up or play down the emergent properties of love and sexual relationships. It is worth mentioning that whilst some of my opponents characterise me as a 'Pedophile', this is in fact untrue, as I like older boys, or 'Twinks' as our category-laden modern gay culture would call them."

Llort uses alter-pseudonyms for most of his activity, making him largely invisible. He had a short spell using his former "real" pseudonym on Wikipedia and was promptly banned for this alone.

Wikisposure.com currently runs an article concerning Llort. This article is full of bile, defamatory comments and misinformation.

In leaving his website, Llort left a statement:

"I will be leaving the administration of Newgon.com on the 24th of January, 2009, and severing all contacts forged through this website and the wider community."


"Apparently, there is another forum for paedophile activists. Like Boychat, it's a place where they gather to revel in their vile, unnatural perversions and exchange information on how best to attract boys and where best to meet them. It's called newgon.com and its webmaster -- a renowned pervert barely out of his teens -- used to post here under the name of Daniel Lipface or something. These days, he recycles the names of old trolls to proliferate his vile views"

Red Rodent [sarcasm intended]

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