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Jean Simoneau (born February 2, 1943 in Magog), is a Canadian writer and supporter of pederasty.[1] He is the winner of Naji Naaman’s Literary Prize (creativity prize, 2010), and was appointed Honorary Ambassador for Gratis Culture by FGC (First Gratis Culture).[2]


Born in Magog, he worked as a journalist from 1960 to 1975, first at La Tribune de Sherbrooke, then at the Journal de Magog. He studied language and literature teaching at the University of Quebec in Montreal, where he obtained a bachelor's degree in 1980, then at the University of Sherbrooke, where he completed a master's degree in French studies in 1990. He has already published a number of books in many fields, mainly political texts. In 2016, Jean Simoneau was arrested as part of Operation Malaise (l'opération Malaise).[3] He faced charges in relation to sexual contact with a minor that allegedly occurred in 1995.

He calls himself a pederast, which means having a sexual attraction to male adolescents and teenagers who are typically post-pubescent.

He views pederasty is a sexual orientation in the same way as being gay or heterosexual, and distinguishes between pederasty which involves attraction to male adolescents and teenagers, versus pedophilia which concerns attraction to people before puberty. Slightly lower than the American DSM's definition of 'generally' under 13 years of age, Simoneau holds that pedophilia is only attributable to sexual gestures or intentions towards children under 10, of both genders. Pederasty is strictly gay and relates strictly to teenagers, between the ages of 10 and 18. In 1973, in a Quebec review journal Omnibus, Simoneau openly declared himself “in favor of pederasty” and love with “little boys” from the ages of 10-12.[4]

In some of his texts, we can find the following passages, among others:

"Sexual freedom requires absolute non-violence and consent. Sex is a pleasure and not a crime or a sin."

“Pederasty can be just as positive an experience for the young as for the old, if we stop making a mountain out of it. »

“Even if the youngster is not yet ejaculating, touching causes such tickling that it is a delight. »

“Even if a young person tries the experiment, he will return, if he is, to his “little nature” as a heterosexual. »

“For young people, if this experience is pleasant, it is a game quickly forgotten like any other. »

“Of course, as much as I consider pederasty, lovejoy, as the pinnacle of love; for most people, on the contrary, it is the crime of crimes. »

“It would be better for humanity to fight fundamentalism in all its forms as well as violence and let intergenerational love and friendship express themselves. »

"There is often an extraordinary complicity between the young and the old, for both take divine pleasure in tasting this forbidden fruit until the situation is discovered."

“Whether we like it or not, the carnal love of elders for teenagers has existed since the beginning of humanity."

“Inappropriate sexual relations during youth by our standards hurts the ego of adults more than the body of the alleged victim."


  • 1968: Hymns to love, vice, revolt (jet poetry) (Hymnes à l'amour, le vice, la révolte)
  • 1970: Re-Jean Ré-jean
  • 1972: The homo-victier (L'homo-vicier)
  • 1973: Oration for the bastards (Oraison pour les salauds)
  • 1973: Once Upon a Time in the Eastern Townships (Il était une fois dans les Cantons de l'Est)
  • 1981: Let the Little Guys Come to Me (Laissez venir à moi les petits gars)
  • 1991: Time to act! (Le Temps d'agir!)
  • 1997: L'amourajeux (L'amourajeux)
  • 1997: Memoir on sexual freedom (Mémoire sur la liberté sexuelle)
  • 1997: One year after the beginning of my political and legal setbacks-- (Un an après le début de mes déboires politico-judiciaires--)
  • 1997: Time of Nightmares (Le temps des cauchemars)
  • 2007: Self-portrait of a revolt (Autoportrait d'un révolte)
  • 2008: Pederasty laid bare (La pédérastie mise à nu)
  • 2010: Psychosis (short story) (La psycose)
  • 2015: The State of Grace (L'État de Grâce)
  • 2016: The young spy (Le jeune espion)
  • 2016: The last loves of Plato, volume 1 (Les derniers amours de Platon, tome 1)
  • 2016: Virus: a hetero among gays, Volume 2, Plato's last loves (Virus : un hétéro chez les gais, Tome 2, Les derniers amours de Platon)
  • 2016: The Sperm Bank, Volume 3, Plato's Last Loves (La banque de sperme, tome 3, Les derniers amours de Platon)
  • 2017: God and sex or 1984 à la québécoise (Dieu et le sexe ou 1984 à la québécoise)
  • 2018: The law is the law! When it suits them... (La loi, c'est la loi! Quand ça fait leur affaire...)

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