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JORis (Child-Adult Relations (intimacy sexuality)) is the Dutch name for NVSH peer support workgroups on pedophilia:

In the early 00s, PRD stated:

"NVSH is the Dutch Society for Sexual Reform, which used to have a membership of hundreds of thousands when it was the only source of condoms in Holland. Its LWGP (National Pedophile Workgroup) was founded in the early 1970s, consisting of a national committee co-ordinating about six or seven regularly meeting chapters in different Dutch cities. (One of these, in Rotterdam, has become independent of the NVSH and has some foreign exiles living in the Netherlands as members.) In the mid-1970s, some of the LWGP's national leadership broke away and formed a new group, LWGJ (National Youth Emancipation Workgroup), which was very active for a while, but then died away and finally merged back into the LWGP. In recent years, LWGP decided it didn't like the word 'pedophile' and changed its name to LWG-JORis (National Workgroup - Child-Adult Relations (intimacy sexuality)."[1]

Currently, the only active JORis groups are JON (East Netherlands) and a similar group in the West. The NVSH has previously operated pedophilia workgroups in the towns and cities of Den Haag, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Deventer, Dordrecht, Groningen, Nijmegen and Utrecht.