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The blue candle synonymous with IBLD

International Boylove Day, commonly referred to as IBLD, is celebrated by many boylovers in the online boylove community. The celebrations began with participants from Free Spirits and the defunct SafeHaven. It is a day for boylovers to come together in solidarity, and a day for remembrance. IBLD falls on the summer and winter solstices but in recent years is also commonly observed on the following Saturdays.

IBLD activities

The originally suggested way of observing IBLD was to leave a small blue candle in a window or a public place with a small note explaining why the candle was there. Sending anonymous notes to local newspapers was also a popularly suggested activity.


In some places, boylovers use the day to meet up and celebrate together. In the Netherlands, 50 boylovers met up at a tavern for the 2005 observance, which was a huge record. This Dutch meeting was said to have grown considerably by 2010, but it is likely that attendances have dwindled or disappeared since events such as the takedown of Boylover.net.

IBLD history

In May or June 1998, the concept of a boylove day was proposed on BoyChat and SafeHaven. The idea had activist overtones, which has always met with resistance in the Free Spirits community.


David Riegel, who was the principal moderator at SafeHaven, established the first IBLD site at IBLD.net on 1 July 1998, which some feel stressed the activism possibilities of the holiday. Between the December 1998 observance and June of 1999, Etenne, an other BC user also put up an IBLD site. IBLD continued to be primarily celebrated by a small number of boylovers who visited BoyChat and SafeHaven. Over time, there began to be disagreements about when and how IBLD should be observed.

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