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Gwain (Gentlemen Without an Interesting Name), (circa 1993) was a London based group, formed as a response unit to reports and items appearing in the British media, and functioned as a discussion group for legal issues. This “Readers & Writers Group”, which included some individuals with a background in PIE or Minor Problems, met regularly for several years, inviting guests from the press or academic research fields.

Gwain and TV

Negotiations with a BBC producer towards a “fly on the wall” programme about life as a paedophile in the UK came to nothing, but several members participated in a Channel 4 programme “The Devil Among Us” by Guardian columnist Dea Birkett.


The group, along with Ipce was infiltrated by Derek Longton, an undercover police officer, in an investigation that led to the arrest and conviction of Thomas O'Carroll[1], but did not reveal any illegal organisational activity.

Membership numbers

Gwain was rumoured to have at least 200 members, a factoid often reported in the media, numbers that if correct, would not have been present at meetings.[2]


  • Article developed in part from the testimony of a former PIE member, on an unrelated website.

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