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Frans Gieles

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Frans Gieles

Frans Gieles (b. 1941, PhD in social, clinical and forensic orthopedagogy), is secretary of Ipce and its current curator of online libraries. He has been active in various pedophilia self-help groups since around 1980.

Up until 2010, Gieles hosted and supported Ipce's real-life meetings, and assisted in the running of a private webforum until it was voluntarily closed due to lack of interest. Even at his advanced age, Gieles frequently publishes papers on the subject of relationships between older and younger people.

His CV states:

Frans Gieles, born in 1941, was a house parent and a staff member in children’s homes. He got his Master’s degree in special education, therapy and group care in 1974, Utrecht. He chaired the section ‘forensic youth care’ at the University of Nijmegen. His dissertation, "Conflict & Contact", Groningen, 1992, is about managing conflicts in daily life and about a methodology to develop methodology. [...] Since 1981, he helps people that wrestle with pedophilic feelings.[1]


In 2017, Gieles made an appearance in his local news media after he got trapped in an elevator at his local railway station in Deventer. He was released by engineers soon after.[2]

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