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Floyd Martinson

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Floyd Martinson

Floyd Mansfield Martinson (11 Nov 1916 - 23 Apr 2000) was a pioneer in child sexuality research, contributing more to that field than anyone else in his lifetime. 9 books and over 50 scholarly papers are among his contributions, many of which are available on Ipce. He was the fourth person to receive the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality's Kinsey Award.

Martinson held liberal views on intergenerational intimacy:

Commentators on this subject like Floyd Martinson, sociologist at Minnesota’s Gustavus Adolphus College, emphasize the quality of the adult-child relationship. "Intimate human relations are important and precious. I'd like to see as few restrictions placed on them as possible."
From Cradle-to-Grave Intimacy: Some Researchers Openly Argue That 'Anything Goes' for Children (summary), quoted in Martinson's autobiography