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FarenhorstO was a user on Wikipedia - indefinitely banned in a bizarre mix-up that administrators have still not corrected as this article is written.


12 Edits - none on mainspace articles. The editor attempted to cast light upon the wrongful banning of Farenhorst - who he/she claimed to be in practise with/related to.

Ban & Justification

April 23, 2008. "Abusing multiple accounts". There was absolutely no justification for this in the first place. When the editor clarified that Farenhorst was a different person, the block was upheld after a new accusation of editing on behalf of Farenhorst was baked up. This was patently untrue; the editor was acting to point out that the reason given for blocking said editor was wrongful, also pointing out that it was not essential that he be unblocked.

The only possible justification for this indefinite ban was that FarenhorstO is related to the wrongly banned editor, Farenhorst.

The ban was administered by Chase me ladies, I'm the Cavalry.

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