Expatriation of MAPs

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The Expatriation of MAPs is a well-known phenomenon, whereby a Minor Attracted Person permanently relocates to another country for legal or personal reasons.


  • Sexual preference. For example, Boylovers relocating to East Asia are often referred to as Rice Queens. Oftentimes, these are older males who find that young-looking East-Asian adult men are sexually arousing to them in ways that western adults are not.
  • Cultural norms. Thailand and Vietnam are two classic examples of countries MAPs have relocated to. While police corruption is common in such countries, there is less of a surveillance state and children are free to roam in most communities. Money can also buy protection from the state, and many South-East Asian countries have a pragmatic attitude to sex-work, even from a young age. This has not stopped western NGOs setting up outposts in such countries and attempting to act as de-facto law-enforcement.
  • Legal reasons. In rare cases, MAPs have fled due to legal persecution in their countries of origin.

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