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Sexual freedom for all!*
Welcome to, the home of NewgonWiki, Newgon Forum, and various other resources.

Our site discusses and promotes in a structured format, alternative perspectives on physical attractions and relationships between those defined as minors and adults. We also address the related positions of minor-attracted persons and contemporary youth.

We are inclusive, and unhindered by agendas of political expediency, drawing upon a diverse community of people. Some of us have experienced age-discrepant relationships at different points in our lives. Some of us have experienced cross-generational physical attractions and wider society's denial/condemnation of our desire. Some of us have experience of legal systems, professions and academia, pertaining to the above. We are united by the fact that we now want to share our knowledge and pool it collaboratively, hoping to influence others to see the world in a different way.

This website is not a peer support board for Minor-attracted people, but we welcome their input as just one part of the jigsaw. We maintain positive relationships with many of the so-named BL/GL sites and their communities, but our joint action is on a broader platform in terms of gender, age and sexual identity. We see youth rights and participation as an indispensable, even foundational asset of political movement. But we don't pretend that (absent the vital ingredients), a large scale activist movement that fully encompasses our topics exists at this point, and stay focused on compiling and circulating subversive information resources!

Our site discusses concepts such as inequality as applied to physical relationships, Youth Rights as a topic of broader political importance, Child Sexual Abuse as a self-containing professional belief system and pedophilia as an invented madness and scapegoat. We use real life examples and professional literature to support our positions, and attempt to distribute this suppressed information as far and wide as possible.

Why not explore our site, either by returning to the home page, wiki "Main Page" or accessing the navigation panel on the left hand side of your screen?

* and NewgonWiki are not affiliated with the North American Man/Boy Love Association, Wikimedia Foundation or Jimbo Wales.