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Edward Chambers, in I, Pedophile

Edward Chambers (b. circa 1975) is a British MAP who outed himself as a non-offending pedophile via the Channel 4 documentary The Paedophile Next Door (2014)[1][2][3], going on to make a further appearance in the somewhat more successful I, Pedophile (2016 - videos may be available in article). While the documentaries he participated in contrubuted to the mid-10s wave of publicity for the PR strategy favored by Virped, he has since gone on to criticize the organization itself, through blog posts and social media.

In a 2018 blog post for Thomas O'Carroll's heretictoc.com[4], he elaborates his experiences with the preventionists of Virped, Stop It Now and the German Prevention Projekt Dunkelfeld, as well as his eventual journey from seeking chemical castration to becoming a self-accepting pedophile. It is also revealed that following his participation in the earlier documentary, he was investigated by his local police, who seemingly thought nothing of their own colleagues' participation in the same production:

The release of The Paedophile Next Door was a huge disappointment to me. There was no talk about the PPD. Simply stated, there was the sacrificial paedophile, the “expert” doctor trying to garnish sympathy for the bogeyman, all the while pitted against the other participants who professed their universal hatred against our kind. Subsequently, my UK address was visited three times in two days by the police, much to the dismay of my friend who subsequently disowned me. I had found Ground Zero and flatlined.


It has been a wild ride, from denying my true self through the use of drugs, to crawling through the depths of suicidal thoughts and behaviours, to my exaltation above the ignorance of the multitudes to understand and appreciate the true sexual beauty of prepubescent girls. There have been several times when girls in the age range 6-15 have expressed a sexual interest in me, and this includes a general curiosity in what it’s all about. Whilst I have never engaged them, this has been through a fear of harming them in some way rather than a fear of how society will view or judge me for having had said intimate relationship. This is indeed a fear that was born out of the tall tales of the child-rapist, reported all too often in the tabloid press. Rather than being born out of a desire to protect children, society’s bent towards banning intergenerational relationships is born out of a desire to subjugate the child and deny them essential rights to express themselves in any way they choose. It is out of this perversity that Virped was born.

Having publicly distanced himself from Virped, Chambers continues to support other initiatives in the online MAP Community.

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