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Evil-Unveiled is the new incarnation of the Wikisposure project hosted after PJ took it down some time in November 2010. The Wikisposure project was in turn formerly CorporateSexOffenders.

EU began November 17, 2010 prior to November 21 when the first known edit was made. Unlike Wikisposure, it does not seem to be openly affiliated with Perverted Justice. It seems like the previous editing histories are absent and that much of it may have been retrieved via google/wayback archiving since a lot of unformatted text was pasted in the articles and the wiki source code seems absent and had to be manually restored.


The pseudonyms of at least 12 editing accounts that have contributed to the project include, but are not limited to:

Numbers following names indicate the order in which the accounts were registered.

The first four were registered Nov 20. The next 3 the following day. Pepper 4 days later. Then a Hiatus until in 2011, EU was reg'd Apr 16, and Bird/Ops on Nov 4/8.

Name server information

Name Servers:

  • dns.uhdns.in
  • dns1.uhdns.in


  • Creation: 17 Nov 2010 05:40:00
  • Expiration:: 17 Nov 2012 05:40:00


One of the previous hosts appears to be FatPigHost.com.

It has been suggested that Panama is the current data hosting provider.

It is unknown if there have been others.


It has been suggested that their DNS was moved at some point to uhdns.in.


The current registrar appears to be ENOM, INC.

Enom domains

Examples of fellow web sites which have used ENOM as their domain registrar is:

  • adultstorelive.com
  • allgaymusic.com
  • badabingnitespot.com
  • blueadrenalin.com/info
  • bonkonline.com/info
  • fag-tv.com/info
  • fagmark.com
  • fags-r.us
  • fukmedead.com/info
  • gayallstars.com/info
  • gossipqueen.info/info
  • gulf-arab.com
  • menlooking4men.info/net
  • phock.biz
  • phukncoffee.com
  • phuky.com
  • poofs-r.us
  • porkys.tv
  • punchbowldiggers.info
  • queeridol.com
  • ramit.in
  • shineit.in
  • stripclub-tv.com
  • theworldisours.biz
  • twink.bz

Site downtimes

The site has gone down at least a couple times:

They are currently online as of 05:41 September 3 2011. There were not any changes made for 30 days prior to then.

External links

  • FatPigHost - were the hosts at one time, unknown if they still are