Debate Guide: There is no law that prohibits minors

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"You say that children should be emancipated to have sex with adults. They already are, as no law works against them".

Firstly, minors must always be allowed to interact sexually with each other. Unfortunately, this is not the case, even legally. Nor is it the case with their adult interactions, in a social sense, despite the fact that there is no infraction of the law on their part. As well as having to keep quiet, a minor may feel intermittently guilty about the ongoing relationship, and especially guilty if they are found out, in which case they may be told that what has happened to them was very wrong, even if they did not originally feel that way. The minor may be punished, with extensive legal proceedings, interrogation and intrusive physical examination. Even in a relationship that evades the eye of authority, they will be denied a partner who is as confident and happy as they should be, and their relationship will be hidden. And I am yet to mention all of the minors who never achieve the relationship that they want, and moreover, those who have been taught that such a thing would be morally disgusting or fatal. Simply focussing on legality presents a false view of freedom. This example could be compared to the freedom of a gay teenager to discuss his or her sexuality with parents. Even though his mother is strictly religious and anti-gay, he still has as much freedom to dicuss his sexuality as any other youth.