Debate Guide: The professional victim

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Whilst true victimhood is emergent, child sexual victimhood often makes a mockery of and undermines intrinsically harmful acts, including violent rape, that may cause long-term trauma without the need for social conditioning and shame.

The number of real-life and online organisations and levels of authority now involved in coaching and reinforcing the often formulaic, culturally-determined expression of sexual victimhood in children and young women is unparalleled, even in any other field of victimology.

That there is no intrinsic harm in voluntary genital touching activity is of no concern for the profiteers who take advantage of persons already at risk from society's victim-labeling mores to pursue their own ideological ends. The result is an army of professional victims who unknowingly perpetuate authoritarian abuse propaganda by means of demonstration.

With such a high degree of uniformity and well-taught although mislead dignity in the reactions of "sexual vicims", it is of no surprise that the causative fallacy which the child abuse industry and many of its victims buy into is nowadays virtually unchallengable in medical and therapeutic situations.