Debate Guide: The fallacy of "sexual maturity"

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It may be important to consider that the idea of "sexual maturity" is an adultist social construct. The very status of sexual maturity is defined by those who claim it. Therefore, the moral codes and permissions attached to "sexual maturity" are also adult-centric. These factors complicate sex beyond its simplistic, hedonistic basis in humanity, rendering certain activities unsuitable for children, even less pleasurable for adults.

Therefore, much of what constitutes "maturity" is simply knowing of or being able to conform to those complicating social rules which allow us to avoid the shame sometimes felt by some minors and children who have been sexually involved with an older person (alas, the only reaction to sexuality that children are taught). For a child involved in a sexual relationship, much of the trauma may come about as a result of having not been taught of these rules and the social implications of breaking them. At the same time, adults are ostracised for not adhering to these norms and beliefs. At the very least, minors should be allowed to take part in the proposal, acceptance and rejection of sexual morality, so that they can feel comfortable within its bounds.