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The following arguments are too short to command a full article. It is intended that an editor will develop them into new articles and assimilate them into existing ones.

"The disestablishment of pedophilia as a mental illness will make Adult - Child sex less 'excusable'. So why are the same people who fight for harsher sentences so often against this?!"

"Our society is blatantly hypocritical regarding child sex, hence the efforts towards legally trying children as adult suspects, alongside the idolisation of children as innocent and pure of all sexual lust. A society that treats you as if you are helplessly innocent, but changes direction rapidly when you have commited just one crime, is an ethically flawed and harmful society".

"Since kids, especially boys can now only imagine themselves as the object of a psychopath's lust, this does not do too well for their self concepts. Maybe we should ask a child what it feels like, to only be sexually beautiful in the eye of either another child, or a psychopath like Marc Dutroux (BTW, not an actual pedophile), who wants to kill you".

"In this culture, where children are treated as inferiors, beaten and told that their opinion doesn't count, maybe becoming a lover could gain them respect. One rarely patronises their lover, and assuming that they are a child, should not expect too much, either".

"Parents will always react like vigilantes, when they falsely believe that a child is automatically their property. This belief clashes terribly with the moral dogma that sees sexual acts; especially involving loss of 'virginity' or 'innocence', as an act of 'owning' or 'putting one's mark upon x'. Kindersex becomes theft".

"If you believe that sex requires maturity in the form of mental development, and an ability to distinguish between 'good' and 'bad', do you think that we should stop adults with low IQs, learning disabilities or infantile mentalities from expressing themselves sexually with another adult, because the sex will invariably lead to abuse and harm? Should we allow smart minors to do what stupid adults are incapable of?"

"A 'physical imbalance' between adult and minor is not intrinsic to such relationships. For example, if a 'physically level playing field' is required, what would you do with relationships between boys and young women, who may be very similar, physically? If the female cannot overpower or rape her partner, how can she inflict mental pain on a horny young dude?"

"If sex crime is a matter of perpetrator and victim, how exactly would you justify the real examples in which both partners (youths) have been treated as victims, and therefore perpetrators? Does such an occurrence not highlight our incomprehension of child sexuality?"

"Can a legal system that puts kids on sex crime registers, really claim to be protecting the vulnerable honourably?"

"So, if to massage or tickle the genital area of a child, as opposed to the armpit or skin is 'molestation', how is it not variably wrong to stimulate the other erogenous zones, such as the lips or nipples? In fact, if skin contact brings sexual pleasure to adults, why is hugging, or even bathing a child acceptable?"

"A marker of the falseness that characterises the current moral panic concerning sex and children would be our attitudes towards nepiophilia. Television networks allow adverts in which mothers intimately coddle, even kiss the buttocks of their babies. Would this ever be allowed with the father?"

"If we tell minors that their “no” has weight and meaning, we cannot tell them that their “yes” has none. With the forward marching of civil rights, we cannot trust them to behave as if this is insignificant."

"It is in the interests of big business to maintain the panic associated with 'stranger danger', in that it keeps children housebound, where they will consume food and expensive products. Notice that post 1970s, hardly any children's toys / products promote independence beyond the house (and back garden, in the summer)"

"If pedophiles are 'childlike', 'regressive' and 'weak', only coping with 'childish' relationships, how come the damage from such relationships is said to come from deliberate, intelligent manipulation and the abuse of a seemingly absent power gap?"

"If 'adult babies' are regressing to an earlier phase, to achieve sexual gratification, could it be that real babies are gaining sexual pleasure from tactile intimacy, sucking and feeling protected by an older person?"

"Even penetrative sex between an adult and a minor is not automatically rape. If you want to find the real predators, look no further than 'the.rapists"

"Imagine a small island upon which a child had been brought up not to associate sex one bit with shame, or dirtiness. If they were allowed to choose their partner and the kind of act in which to indulge, where would this 'psychological scarring' originate from?"

"Both pedophiles and psychopathic child molesters are attracted to children. The former as a matter of sexual preference, and the latter as a matter of convenience"

"Society shouldn't work by excluding or weakening people and then protecting them, but rather society should protect itself as a whole, whilst always leaving open the option of dependency for the young or incapable. The current systems of exclusion (e.g. of children) are manifest within not only legal structures, but discreet social dynamics"

"Among those who have an interest in maintaining the status quo, the censorship of child pornography serves as a useful tool in hiding the truth as to childrens' enjoyment of sexual experiences"

"Many investigations are conspicuously distorted by researcher bias. In labeling the sexual activity "abuse," "offense," "indecent assault," "molestation" or "rape"; calling the adult partner "actor," "perpetrator," "delinquent," "offender," "criminal," "abuser" or "molester," and the child "victim," authors betray the fact that they are operating upon premises which have yet to be proven." (E. Brongersma).

"What a total insult to our established constructions of masculine resilience and sexuality, is the notion of a teenage boy being "emotionally scarred", "manipulated", or having his "innocence" robbed by a man. Are such justifications not a modern excuse for homophobia?"

"If every adult who is having sex with a minor is behaving in a predatory or exploitative way, I seriously fear for the majority of adults, involved in any form of sexual relationship"