Debate Guide: Sexual neglect

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If we want to discover real 'harm in later life', we need only look towards the consequences of bringing children up without any exposure to or allowance to engage in sexual expression. A Humanist would call it incongruence, where the true perception of oneself (i.e. sexually interested in diverse ways) clashes with one's concept of society (pure, unperverted). It is quite likely that many children are misleading themselves as to how strange or immoral they are - when, in fact, we are nearly all 'strange' in our own way. Upbringing should be congruent with the sexual desires of a child (see NVSH). This means that at the very least, parents should be open to the child's curiosity, and further, there should be no 'passive absence' of sexual discussion, or awkward neglect of the genital area in child - parent intimacy. If the sexually neglected child cannot eventually come to terms with his sexuality (as a teenager or young adult), they may be left lacking in the ability to show general and sexual affection, misguided about the importance of sex, and confused about the validity and meaning of their own desires. This article goes to some length in explaining the sexual needs of children and the fantasies of adults towards them.