Debate Guide: Doomed from the beginning

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"As soon as that child or youth grows beyond their partner's age of attraction, the relatonship will break down"

Even if this is correct, is it a justification (or part of one) for condemning or denying any sexual activity (whether part of a "relationship" or not) that falls under a set definition? Do you believe that any relationship which breaks down should never have happened?

In reality, minor attracted adults have a range of attractions that often span upwards into adulthood. So in fact, the older partner's affinity for the minor may grow, if their attraction to younger people is not preferential. Taking into account the proportion of non - pedophiles in society, this kind of relationship would probably be more common. There is also the possibility that in the absence of mutual sexual attraction, a continued relationship along existing lines of pedagogy, platonic love, or any other form of care, mentorship or support may prosper. Even if this is not possible, break ups are often constructive life decisions, leaving young people with the skills and confidence to pursue renewed goals in life. This "lack of interest" in "senescence" is nothing new to an increasingly aged and youth-oriented society.