Child Sexual Behaviour Inventory

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The Child Sexual Behaviour Inventory (CSBI, 1997) is a professional manual authored by the late William Friedrich, PhD, ABPP, a one-time Mayo Clinic professional. The inventory known for its use of caregiver testimony and normative, essentialist categories to diagnose CSA in children ages 2-12 years. As the inventory is "caregiver" centred, it excludes any testimony from men or children.

"The CSBI is a parent report (mother or primary female caregiver) measure of sexual behavior in children ages 2-12 years. It is intended for use with children who have been or who may have been sexually abused. The test was developed in response to evidence that sexual abuse is related to the presence of precocious sexual behavior in children. To fully understand each child and ensure his or her safety, it is essential that the CSBI be used in combination with other clinical measures and procedures."[1]

The inventory was reviewed favourably in a research study by Friedrich himself.[2]