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Jump to navigationJump to search (other names: BLN, BLn, was one of the world's largest online boylover communities, and was the largest online message board for boylovers. It was started in 2002, and shut down when the server was seized as part of Operation Rescue in 2009. Its use in the media is a prime example of how an innocuous community of like-minded individuals, including minor boys, can be presented to the public as a so-called pedophile ring and child pornography trading post.


See BoyWiki, for the full detail.

On November 25, 2009, a complex international investigation being run by Europol seized the server and arrested some of the site's senior members of staff. Joecool4218 and JagDawg were arrested by ICE, and LostBoy was arrested by Dutch police. In New Zealand Loren was also raided but was never arrested. BoyZoom, Loren's site, was temporarily closed while his access was removed, but the board announced permanent closure on December 1.

On March 2011, a press conference held by Europol following the conviction of LostBoy provided details of the three-year investigation named Operation Rescue. It was announced that there were 184 arrests and 670 suspects were identified and investigated. They also stated that, at the time of the conference, 4202 intelligence reports had been distributed to over 30 countries.

BoyZoom and BoyLandOnline are both legally compliant boards that were voluntarily taken down in the wake of's demise.

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