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Alvin Malesky

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Alvin Malesky

L. Alvin Malesky is the author of a much quoted paper[1] which alleged cognitive distortion in the BoyChat community.



It's hard to take Malesky's conclusion of distorted thinking among Boylovers seriously. If he believes that certain opinions indicate distorted thinking, and then "discovers" that such opinions are common among any community of individuals, this does not amount to proof of subjective beliefs. The "distortions" he treats as axiomatic to his study are not justified as such, and could potentially be nothing more than historical or cultural differences; differences he fails to establish as pathological before embarking on his study.

In light of this, the true quality and nature of Malesky's work is perhaps comparable to investigative journalism.


  • Malesky, L. Alvin, Jr.; Ennis, Liam (2004). "Supportive distortions: an analysis of posts on a pedophile Internet message board," Journal of Addictions & Offender Counseling, 24(2), 92-100.

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