Alan Turing

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Alan Turing

Alan Turing was an English Mathematician, computer scientist, cryptanalyst, and theoretical biologist who lived from 1912 to 1954. Turing is most known for his feats of code-breaking during World War 2, for being a forefather of modern computing with the Turing Machine, and for his conviction under the UK's anti-homosexual laws at the time.[1]

Alan Turing is presumed by some to have been a boylover, based off historical records described further below.[2][3][4]

Notable accomplishments

  • Designing the first model of the British "Bombe" which was used to crack German "Enigma Machine" messages.[5]
  • Creating the Turing Machine, which many attribute to helping lead to the creation of modern computing.[6]
  • Initially leading and playing an integral role in the "Hut 8" section of the "Government Code and Cypher School" and solving German naval messages.[7]

Legacy and acknowledgement in Gay History

Alan Turing is now considered by many to be a notable figure in gay history. Prime Minister Gordon Brown would make an official apology for the unjust conviction and chemical castration of Alan Turing in 2009.[8][9] A law pardoning past victims of anti-homosexual 'gross indecency' laws would later be named after him ("Alan Turing Law.")[10]

Status as a Boylover

There are numerous accounts which hint towards and make obvious Alan Turing's feelings for boys. In 1927, he would become enamored with a boy named Christopher Morcom who was small and looked younger than his age. Turing would later sponsor a 14-year-old refugee named Robert Augenfeld and wait till the boy was 16 before trying to sexually approach him.[2]

While attempting to borrow an Eisenhart book Alan Turing owned, Robin Gandy would witness a newspaper photo of the young princes Michael of Kent (5 years old) and William of Gloucester (6 years old) slip out of his book. Turing then said "you'll find nice pages like that in my books," and said to Gandy the next morning, "We know each other quite well now... I might as well tell you that I am a homosexual."[2]

Turing also appeared to have sought sex with young males in Manchester, who would give neither their name nor age. He was said to have an eye for the youths at the London YMCA swimming pool as well. Turing also tended to largely describe himself as being attracted to boys, although he would be reported at least once as describing a partner as a "young man" in the case of 19 year old Arnold Murray.[2]

Conviction of homosexual activity with Arnold Murray

At 39, Alan Turing would begin a relationship with 19 year old Arnold Murray. This liaison would go undiscovered from December 17th of 1951 to February 2nd of 1952. He admitted to having sex with Arnold Murray after a youth, who knew Murray, broke into the mathematician's home and thus brought police attention to the relationship.[2][1]

Alan Turing would agree to chemical castration and probation through a guilty plea, choosing it over imprisonment. Murray would be let off far more lightly and be given a "conditional discharge."[2][1]


Alan Turing would be found dead of presumed suicide from Cyanide poisoning. A half-eaten apple was found nearby, yet it was not tested for cyanide. Some have speculated that his death was a recreation of a scene from a film he was fond of: Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.[1]

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