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The person now known as AP was born on 4 October, 1968 and is a Girl Lover, who came out publically about his sexuality at the age of 34, after two failed suicide attempts, and a failed marriage.

Puellula was launched in 2002, and in it AP expounds his philosophy about pedophilia and calls for tolerance of pedophilia and the abolition of Age of Consent laws. He has written a Manifesto, with self coined terms such as Amarsi and Amarso to define the type of relationship/love that he describes.

Common myths about pedophiles are discussed and he explains (using the terms mentioned above) how his definition of pedophilia is different from the socially accepted definition.

AP believes that children and adolescents have the ability of making informed decisions about sex, and therefore can consent to sexual activities, and be part of adult-child sexual/romantic relationships that are based on love, not abuse. The website also encourages others to share their testimonies and coveres the topic of ethical issues extensively in regards to pedophilia.

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