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The Sexual Interest of the Pedophile

What does the pedophile want? Some information you can extract also from the consideration of the really applied techniques.


Kwast 1968,p.55

[1968,p.55] Prof. van der Kwast, a Dutch psychiatrist, said it was wrong to reproack a child-lover with confronting a child prematurely with adult sexuality, for it is the adult who comes down to the level of the child rather than vice versa. He believed psychistrists should better be concerned about the infantilism of a man satisfying himself with such incomplete activities.

Geiser 1979,p.83

[1979,p.83] wrote about boy-lovers: "The emphasis is upon giving pleasure to the boy, perhaps to the exclusion of the tutor's own sexual satisfaction."


[] Even the Michael Jackson case offered similar testimony, where Jackson was accused of masturbating the boy and orally stimulating him, but not of attacking, raping, penetrating, or in any other way being physically overbearing or controlling.

My FAVORITE example was in the press documents over the Michael Jackson case. One of the things Mr. Jackson was accused of was "eating the little boy's semen." Now, I have two questions for you. First, since when is a 13 year old a "little boy" unless it's convenient for him to be so for public opinion. And two, since when do "little boy's" produce semen?

orgasm by fondling

[Pieterse1982I-17]:(see I-17)

Pieterse investigated 11 adult men who had sex with small boys, limited to kissing, fondling and masturbation. Seven of them experienced orgasm while doing this to the child.

Rouweler-Wutz 1976,p.4

[1976,p.4] Society, in condemning and punishing, actually thwarts the non-sexual aspects of man/boy love; by doing so it exaggerates sex even in the boy-lover's mind, where it can take on an obsessional colouring it never would in a more liberated setting. (Brongersma,p.320)

Rouweler-Wutz 1976,p.95

[1976,p.95] For the people in her sample (N=60), 86% thought friendship with a boy more important than having sex with him; only 11% thought sex more important than friendship. Friendship without sex was acceptable for 73%, while 19% thought it wasn't. If a boy refused sexual intimacy, only 5% said they would break off the relationship, while 81% said they certainly wouldn't and 14% were undecided. (Brongersma,p.320)