Blast from the past

November 6th, 2008 by The Administrator

As we await the publishing of our magazine’s next edition on the 15th of February, let’s go back to April 16, 2006 – when sites were beginning to be censored and this whole thing was about to kick off for real. This post from the now deleted My Silent War pertains to another censored website that I will be using to plug the gap between now and the 15th of February.

“This world, the planet Earth, is dominated by the human race. Dominance is decided by the power of one over the other. As said in The Matrix Reloaded, “if we really wanted to, we could smash these things to bits”. Potential to destroy is what power is measured in, and it’s this power that so many desire.

Because of the innumerable horrors this has led to, a group of trusted leaders came together at the closure of the worst human disaster of all time, determined to prevent such an unimaginable tragedy of human nature from happening again. At the end of world war two, an assembly gathered amongst the ruins of humanity’s worst crimes imaginable. They resolved to make a declaration, that every singe man, every single woman, and every single boy and girl would be granted rights. Rights that no person, circumstance or event could ever take from them. They were:

  1. The right to life, liberty and security of person.
  2. The right to an education.
  3. The right to participate fully in cultural life.
  4. Freedom from torture or cruel, inhumane treatment or punishment.
  5. Freedom of thought, conscience and religion.
  6. Freedom of expression and opinion.

This document has been decleared as the world’s most translated document, with it being available in 321 languages and dialects. For the past fifty-eight years, it has been the basis of what groups like Amnesty International have been determined to achieve. For the past fifty-eight years, ALL humans on this earth have been promised the above rights, regardless of ANYTHING. And for the past fifty-eight years, it has been repeatedly violated, forgotten or ignored.

We live in a world where people are too steeped in prejudice to learn. We live in a world where hipocracy is the very foundation of any action. We live in a world where hate is accepted and love is despised.

We live in a world where it takes a horrific tragedy like World War Two to make people realise just how fucked up everything really is.

A few hours ago, I checked on Paiderastia to see if any more posts were up, or if any of the new flames were replying to my message of support. To my utter contempt, the blog was gone. 404 – not found. “visit the Blogger homepage or the Blogger Knowledge Base for further assistance.”

There are two explanations for this: Either an admin of the blog was sick of the press and flaming, and deleted it of their own will, or caved into the pressure and deleted it.

Blogger, and its parent Google, were in a no-win situation with this. They could support the rights and freedoms of the “boy-love-blog”gers and let the blog stay up, much to the fury of bigots like Stacey Harp (who is in fact not particularly “SHarp”), or they could cave to the pressure from such individuals out of fear of the ensuing headlines of “Google supports CHILD MOLESTERS!”, “ refuses to delete PEDOPHILE blog!!” and “Blog site not safe for kids!!!”.

Why is it that because a fucking Christian bigot doesn’t like it, Google were bullied to taking the damn thing down? How come freedom of speech is only an illusion, and you can say whatever you want as long as you aren’t a PEDO? WHY can you accuse other bloggers of despicable crimes, WHY can you spam their blogs with nonsense and flames, WHY can you go on the fucking NATIONAL NEWS and spout any kind of lies about the site, but GOD forbid if you mention your pedo-ness!

And now that Paiderastia has been silenced, any one of us could be next to get our blogs censored because some narrow-minded bitch thinks it’s wrong to talk about how we find children to be beautiful.

Because this is the world we live in. What a world we live in…”

Evolution is reality!

October 20th, 2008 by The Administrator

For just over a year, Uncommon Sense remained the main publication of It had garnered 59 posts and 424 comments up until this point. Changing pressures on this site lead an administrator to post a forum topic proposing that it be overhauled. There was very little response.

As of today, Uncommon Sense is a blog no more. Due to the launching of our forum and wiki earlier in the year and the general upgrading of this site, Uncommon Sense will become a quarterly webmagazine to be published in Wiki-Format and promoted on this wordpress blog. Former Uncommon Sense writers are encouraged to contact an administrator and sign up for an account on our wiki, where we can work on a structure and running draft for the upcoming version of Uncommon Sense Magazine (which should be available by Feb 15, 2009). As with the blog, there will be very few restraints with this new publication. I would personally like it to be well illustrated and written in good humour.

Vast improvements in this site

October 8th, 2008 by The Administrator

Our site is undergoing a major refurbishment. In addition to a simplified front page and brand new promotional material portal, we are developing the Wiki into an encyclopedia of everything related to the sexual attractions and experiences of minors towards each other and older people.With the disappearance of, Paed Encyclopedia and the comatose BoyWiki, the need for such a resource is considerably urgent.

We require input on a number of subjects. People, living or dead – organisations of any kind – research into our topics -  people’s testimonies of relationships – and legal information are just a few examples.

Sometimes, we require workmanlike input – for example categorising articles, archiving or transferring material from discontinued parts of the site to the Wiki.

Understandably, writing and categorising such a large number of articles does involve a great deal of work. We have already benefited from the collaboration of Daniel, Brian, Jillium and PiedPiper, but a stronger and steadier flow of contributions is needed to make this project work.

If anyone is interested in taking part, or wants to know more about how the encyclopedia will work, please get in contact with Daniel (lievre|hushmail|com) , who has been organising this overhaul.

Hetty Johnston: Cyber Child Saver

September 16th, 2008 by Llort

Hot off the press from the woman to whom (lest we forget) any image of child nudity is a ticking time bomb of abusive indecency…

He was a young man of just fifteen years. His partner in crime – a wizened harridan of 36 – wearer of the Cape of Accomplishment. Fuelled by a lust kindled in the fantasy cyber-world of Runescape, they were inseparable – crossing borders and whole civilisations just to maintain contact. For ten days of pure pleasure, she ravaged his youthful body – achieving heights of perverse ecstasy that marriage and family had never offered to a woman since the incestuous forest lodgings of Scandinavia many decades ago! But in this tale of infidelity and the-love-that-dare-not-speak-its-name, only one actor is granted the right to judge this affair. Her presence even more withered and wretched than the aforementioned lustful lady; her wise words striking fear into the hearts of the intellectual underclass; artists, broadsheet journalists and lawyers among them. Her name – Hetty Johnston, self-declared protector-of-our-children:

“The system is bloody crazy, absolutely crazy. If that was a man, that wouldn’t have happened.”

“That child won’t know how much this has harmed him until he is much, much older.”

“He is a child, she is an adult. She has gone to enormous lengths to travel around the globe to sexually assault this boy and she walks out in four months. They are hanging our kids out to dry.”

With words like this, are we not inspired to trust our youngsters’ future to women such as this noble warrior? Her intent one of unmistakeable purity yet dogged determination…

NEVER must one child; not one precious victim of pubertal volatility encounter the horror of being both wet and exposed at the same time. And God forbid that he is ever seen to be hung – such a hazardous ambiguity, I’m sure you will agree!,21985,24358212-2862,00.html

The Critical and the Vital…

August 24th, 2008 by Steve Diamond

We can be pretty and popular, but isn’t it better to be critical and vital?

The pretty and popular things will follow, if the critical and vital efforts succeed.

That is the one thing I really like to make clear, whenever the “boring and dry” nature of many of our activities comes up in conversation.

A lot of “pedophiles” come online, get excited and want to play like it is Disneyland…as though “this” is the big prize…

I’m not the person to judge, but if we all do that, then we get stuck in a rut, spinning our wheels but going nowhere…

Ultimately, I do not think that “we” should cater to that…It is fine that it is out there, some places…but it does not need to be “everywhere”, in the “child love” galaxy…

This site specialises in something…and that is a very, very good thing.  It does not water down what is being done here…and that is a very, very good thing…It should stay focused, because what is going on at sites like this is vital, and it should continue in a clear and undiverted manner.

Masturbating is good…There is a time and a place…but that does not mean that “this” is the place…

I think the biggest problem, is that so few people envision a real liberation for ourselves…So, they live in the present, and get whatever they can, wherever they can…and “right now”…because they want to experience it, while they are still alive and can do so.

This site has more of an altruistic nature to it, however.  There is a fairly clear, future goal…a vision for a better future…but, we know it will not be easy to gain that better future…I think, the more foundational activists see and understand the vision…and understand that while “we” ourselves may not realise personal benefit…our own lives may be devastated by what has already transpired…but fighting so that this inhumane injustice we suffer is not visited upon others of the future, is a worthwhile pursuit…

If we don’t do what is necessary, then we will never get there…which is why getting sidetracked is bad.

What is “most” important to “you”?…

…to masturbate and orgasm, or to play a role in defeating prejudice, hostility and violence?…

The Adverse Effects of Child Sexual Hysteria (Part 1)

August 6th, 2008 by Llort

Originally posted on ANU.

If we were to put aside our case for non-contact pedophile rights – just for a moment, how many adverse consequences could we list for society in general? I almost considered grafting extra fingers to count them all. In this half of my post, I consider the negative impacts on Children:

1. Denial of contact with children – a problem that has already seen some coverage in the media.[1][2] When violent and/or illegal acts against children are confused with universal feelings of affection and caring/physical responses, we end up seeing a degree of stand-offishness that denies young people their share of affection, and the right to feel valued. As a result, normal physical contact – common among closely related species and nearly always present in the more peaceful of human societies is characterised as perverse – something the young should fear.

2. Priming of children for victimhood – whereby a child who has been raped, traumatised or has no conception of the “wrongness” of his or her sexual involvements is told that they must be a victim. This is a mechanism of coercion and constraint that contributes to the formation of moral absolutes and the persecution of pedophiles – who according to the proponents of such propaganda, make up the majority of child sex offenders – a false claim.

Plummer[3] applies this to Girls:

“Again, this floods over into their sexual meanings: their sexuality is much more a matter of something that others do to them and define for them. It is something relatively out of their own control. At its most extreme edge, little girls may come to realize that it is totally out of their control — in dim, inarticulate ways they may come to see themselves as the objects of massive sexual terrorism”

3. A lack of guidance for children – when all unofficial, non-parental relationships between legal children and legal adults are seen as exploitative, or at least dangerous (possibly due to their ability to subvert order), childhood becomes a matter of mere indoctrination and replication of “family” propaganda. Children become the property of their parents; exposure to mind-opening and diverse opinions, values and practises is prohibited. Such over-protection in a risk – oriented society is very likely to lead to overly risk-averse adults who have no will to exploit positive opportunities outside of a normative framework that they will in turn attempt to replicate. This kind of paranoia has also been covered in the media.[4]

4. Banning of children – and this can be taken quite literally. When groups involving children and generally accepted children’s activities become risky, the rational response is to impose bans, or risk prosecution. We are seeing at least some compromised reporting of this, from some sources. For example:

“Children could be barred from joining sports and hobby clubs because of the increasing burden of red tape, campaigners fear. Organisations which run activities for youngsters are already struggling to recruit volunteers because they must undergo criminal records checks. But when a new child protection database is introduced next year – which one in four adults will have to sign at a cost of £64 each – it is feared that many groups which admit members of all ages will decide it is cheaper and simpler to exclude children.” [5]

5. Obesity in children – self evident, and a natural consequence of the previous point. As fears of “stalking predators” have been ramped up, parents have become less likely to allow their children to be active outdoors, or join sports clubs – assuming that they have not been banned. With an expansive service economy and an increasing denial of physical outlet, it is important that we do not allow the youngest members of society to grow fat and lazy for other reasons.

In Part 2, I will cover the adverse effects for society as a whole. These are Vigilante Justice, Murders, Expenditure, Validation of Pseudo-Science and False Allegations and Validation of Psychic Mediums.


3. Plummer, K. (1990). Understanding Childhood Sexualities. In Sandfort, T., Brongersma, J, & van Naerssen, A (eds.), Male Intergenerational Intimacy. New York: Harrington Park Press.
5. Daily Telegraph, 20/06/2008, “Child protection rules could see youngsters banned from sport and hobby clubs”.


July 19th, 2008 by Stephen James

I notice the Pope has just apologised for sexual abuse by catholic priests in Australia, though one lobby group has complained about the fact that he did not apologise to any of the victims in person, as apparently he did in the U.S.

Why have so many priests been caught ‘interfering’ with children in various parts of the world? It seems unlikely that many of them are paedophiles in the strict sense of being predominantly attracted to children. It seems far more probable that the Catholic Church’s banning of sex for priests is to blame. The majority are probably ’normal’ in their sexual orientation, but deprived of the possibility of openly expressing it, they turn to children, with whom their work brings them into frequent contact. If this is so, the Pope himself bears much of the responsibility for maintaining a system that makes sex between priests and children more likely. And he could also reflect that priestly celibacy has (I think I am right in saying) no biblical basis.

That would be a conservative, albeit fairly unblinkered, take on the issue. Of course there are other concerns less frequently aired. It seems likely that some of the relationships are tender and caring. But they would all suffer from one fundamental flaw. The priest is committed to upholding the doctrines of the Catholic Church including, for example, St. Paul’s opinions about sex. Paul famously thought that the only morally acceptable sexual outlet for a Christian is through marriage (“it is better to marry than to burn”). If you believe that and you are having a sexual relationship with a child or youth, you are creating a great potential for psychic conflict both for yourself and for the young person involved.

I am not a Christian, but I think it is important to make distinctions in our attitudes to Christian belief and the most significant distinctions in my view are ethical. ’Decent’ Christians talk a lot about such things as the Good Samaritan and Jesus’ apparent egalitarianism. They tend to avert their gaze from such things as the Bible’s talk of Hell and (to some extent at least) its sex-negativity. I have a suggestion to make to any Christians reading this. Isn’t it about time you produced a new version of the Bible that keeps the good parts and leaves out the bad ones? I think everyone would benefit.

Spiraling Out of Control…

July 13th, 2008 by Strato

Anti-pedophile hysteria has always been rooted primarily in the underlying, unspoken, desire to keep young people in a controlled, confined atmosphere. A greenhouse environment. Only in such surroundings can they be suitably conditioned and indoctrinated into becoming the obedient, placid drones that the social order needs them to be.

Fortunately, this control becomes self-propelling and can only escalate. The more tightly young people are controlled, the more likely is abreaction, leading to ever more rigid and artificial measures of control.

In the past two years alone, we have seen a raising of the Age of Consent (Canada), proposals to extend the duration of compulsory schooling (UK), increasing persecution of sex play among minors (particularly in the US), widespread concern over ‘self-generated porn’, and the placing of preteens on Sex Offender Registries. This is pure desperation on the part of the authorities.

The latest measure? A UK newspaper, The Times, today reports that ‘the public and senior politicians’ have backed the idea of “a nationwide youth curfew”. A trial scheme is currently underway in one part of the country (Cornwall), in which police have been given the power to “remove” anyone under 16 years old seen on the streets after 9pm, and anyone under 10 years old seen out after 8pm. A poll for The Times indicated ‘overwhelming support’ for this curfew scheme to be extended throughout the UK.

So – the literal imprisonment of young people in the family home. It appears that the ruling regimes of the West are exhausting measures of control.

We should welcome this situation. The more that young people are alienated from their parents and the authorities, the greater the damage to the nuclear family and the social order. The authorities are doing part of our job for us…creating an atmosphere in which young people increasingly resent their subjugation. As their persecution escalates, they become more open to our message: understanding the rationale and hidden methodologies of their castration and unnatural enslavement.

While unfortunate for young people (and us) in the short term, the acceleration of these desperate, authoritarian measures is a sign of, and a necessary factor in, the disintegration of social control. Bring it on.

A Ripple in a Pond?

June 26th, 2008 by Strato

A UK think-tank today issued a report (‘Licensed to Hug’) which states that “the dramatic escalation of child protection measures has succeeded in poisoning the relationship between the generations and creating an atmosphere of suspicion that actually increases the risks to children”.

See for the full story.

Frank Furedi, Professor of Sociology at the University of Kent, argues that children “need to have contact with a range of adult members of the community for their education and socialisation”, but that “this form of collaboration, which has traditionally underpinned intergenerational relationships, is now threatened by a regime that insists that adult/child encounters must be mediated through a security check”.

Professor Furedi refers primarily to the recent UK legislation – Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 – which requires a criminal records check for more or less anyone who comes into contact with children: “‘From Girl Guiders to football coaches, from Christmas-time Santas to parents helping out in schools, volunteers — once regarded as pillars of the community — have been transformed in the regulatory and public imagination into potential child abusers, barred from any contact with children until the database gives them the green light.”

(As a result of this legislation, it is estimated that by October next year, criminal records checks will be required of 11.3 million people – over one-quarter of the adult population of England.)

Instead of creating ‘an atmosphere of fear and suspicion’, the Report says that there should be “a halt to the juggernaut of regulation” and argues that “we would all benefit” from encouraging “greater openness and more frequent contact between the generations”.

Initial public response to this Report is broadly encouraging – the vast majority of comments at one site ( for example, agree with the Report’s conclusions, with the general theme of ‘it’s about time for a backlash against Government protectionism’.

In itself, of course, this Report is merely the view of a political think-tank. Nevertheless, the story seems to have been picked up by many of the major UK newspapers, and – if nothing else comes of it – at least it hopefully plants in the minds of the masses the notion that the UK Government is going too far with it’s self-serving ‘think of the children’ hysteria…and maybe…just maybe…the Government may think twice before implementing the next piece of legislation.

We can of course expect powerful lobbying against this swathe of public opinion by the child abuse industry – particularly children’s charities and law enforcement bodies like CEOP, who have a significant financial interest in perpetuating the hysteria. (And, consequently, don’t be surprised if, in the next week or two, a “major pedophile ring” is conveniently unearthed). Nevertheless, in a time of overwhelmingly negative news stories, generation of the ‘time for a backlash?’ question is – at least on a subliminal level – a positive one.

IYAC: Disingenuous “Children’s Rights”

June 16th, 2008 by The Administrator

“OK, kids. We’ll listen to you, as long as you say what we want to hear”.

If ever there was confirmation that the club-wielding ogre known as the Child-Protection Movement has completed its brutally effective hijacking of the Children’s-Rights Bandwagon, this has to be it. Now watch me as I drown in my own sarcasm.

In just one day’s time at a still undisclosed venue in London, “Child Representatives” (speaking on behalf of the Children’s Republic), corporate interests (acting out of nothing but compassion and original thought) and the leading lights of Britain’s State-Sponsored Child-Protection Cartel (no vested interests there, then) will meet in a closed, cult-like “International Youth Advisory Congress“.

What a wonderful turn of events it is, that these selfless figureheads of the Child-Protection Movement have suddenly performed an about turn, and decided to consider the opinions of young people before they propose the Children and Young People’s Global Online Charter, whose internationally relevant recommendations must be an open case from beginning to end! How brave of the historically dispassionate organisers – Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre and their allies in the police force, to risk dealing with the conflicting attitudes and opinions of happy-go-lucky youth! Think again.

The anatomy of a state-sponsored sham

Applications for attendees were closed (on the site’s homepage) from the very beginning. Oh, but hang on… one redeeming feature. This only applies to children and young people (aged between 14 and 17). Of course, if you are one of a number of…

“organisations who have a vested interest in ensuring the safety and security of children online”

…you are more than welcome to put yourself forward. But 14-17 year olds, please… move along now. Go to the separate “Children’s Site” where we have arranged a series of entertaining games for you to numb your pain with. Cut out some paper men and take photographs of them… its so fun and liberating!

And those of you who we have “vetted and jetted” in to the UK, after leaving adverts on totally fair and unbiased websites need only worry just that little bit about being belittled, categorised and patronised by the middle-class values of our organisers:

“We are looking for forty young people from around Europe to come to the five-day residential event All travel expenses will be covered, and accommodation and meals will be provided on site The young people will be chaperoned at all times by staff from CEOP and partnership agencies including the NSPCC; and interpreters will be available to translate for non-English speaking children. Full safeguarding procedures will be put in place and made available to teachers and parents prior to the event, and we are able to cater for young people with a range of special needs and disabilities.”

Nappies, emergency wet nurses and sun cream are optional, it appears.

And as for dissent, no need to worry. We choose who goes before “consulting” them anyway. What harm can come from an organised, tokenistic freak-show with a set outcome? It’s like asking the treatment clientèle of NARTH associates how they would like to be cured. What can possibly go wrong?

And what’s more, when the show has ended, we can claim that… THE KIDS AGREE WITH US!!! Even though they are not old enough to be informed about this kind of thing… unless they agree with us, m’kay.

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