Edition 3 – 1 Sep, 2009

September 1st, 2009 by The Administrator

Edition 3 of Uncommon Sense is published and ready for viewing!

In it, we bring you:

Stephen James’ editorial on Child Erotica and Morality, updates on the state of the movement and academia, news digest from a large number of countries, and recommended reading.

We also invite you to participate in planning, writing and editing the next edition by contacting ncat -(at)- hushmail -(dot)- com. Letters and illustrations are also welcome.

3 Responses to “Edition 3 – 1 Sep, 2009”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hello Mr James, excellent writings you have there, let the truth be told and may the naysayers take heed of these words.

    Every time the mass media purport an incidence of child pornography/erotica possesion they label the content and the offence as one of the most heinous crimes to be ever committed by a human being. What a load of rubbish, history will clearly state that there has been some far worse humans in our time and time well before our own. As you stated in your article, the media will never actually state what kind of child erotica it was. “It’s bad ’cause i said so OK!”

    Also something else I would like to know….that is how many government sanctioned sting operations AB-use the material siezed in previous CP/CE busts to further entice others into being their next big catch. Cries of “It’s for the greater good” and “Once it’s the property of the government we can use it how we see fit” is a load of crap AND a ridiculous double standard.


  2. shellban Says:

    Great editorial, I also would like to add that laws that were meant to protect people (ie anti child porn laws) are now being used to persecute people based on their thoughts, such as the UK who is now jailing anyone found in posession of cartoons and not real people, for the simple reason that they hate anyone havign those thoughts or what they MIGHT or MIGHT NOT do in the in the future.

  3. Zuf Says:

    Greetings. I just discovered that the e-mail I sent to the ncat address months ago failed. The Internet sucks. I guess no one saw the silly picture I sent.

    Anyway, I made my forum account here inaccessible to me early this year when I had a bad fever and was pissed off.

    I’ve been attempting to resolve the matters that contributed to my departure, but it appears it’s not meant to be.

    Regardless of all that, giving the benefit of the doubt, congrats on the magazine and everything, and my best regards to all.

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