Edition 1 – 16 Feb, 2009

February 16th, 2009 by The Administrator


Edition 1 of Uncommon Sense is available.

In it, we bring you:

Two editorials, updates on the state of political movement, news digest from five english-speaking countries, updates on what has been said on the various forums, 3 months in “anti pedophilia” and recommended reading.

We also invite you to participate in planning, writing and editing the next edition by contacting ncat -(at)- hushmail -(dot)- com. Letters and illustrations are also welcome.

Thank you to Pyro for creating the attractive cover.

5 Responses to “Edition 1 – 16 Feb, 2009”

  1. admin Says:

    Yes, I’m glad the magazine is so popular.

    Maybe we should rename it “Minor Issues”.

  2. LostBoy Says:

    V for Vilified

    Protectors for all with none
    Lovers for those starved for affection
    Nurses for those in need of healing
    Bridges to be laid down and crossed
    Sponges to absorb emotional pain
    Hearts to be transplanted while beating
    Teachers for those who thirst to learn
    Mentors to nurture the embryos among us
    Friends to relieve the suffering of the lonely
    Slumdogs to power it!

  3. Viamund Says:

    This looks great guys. It would make a fine magazine.

  4. Honesty Says:

    Newgon is owned and operated by Perverted Justice.

  5. admin Says:

    Really? I’ll have to look out for them at the next NWO summit. Bastards get everywhere.

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