The Critical and the Vital…

August 24th, 2008 by Steve Diamond

We can be pretty and popular, but isn’t it better to be critical and vital?

The pretty and popular things will follow, if the critical and vital efforts succeed.

That is the one thing I really like to make clear, whenever the “boring and dry” nature of many of our activities comes up in conversation.

A lot of “pedophiles” come online, get excited and want to play like it is Disneyland…as though “this” is the big prize…

I’m not the person to judge, but if we all do that, then we get stuck in a rut, spinning our wheels but going nowhere…

Ultimately, I do not think that “we” should cater to that…It is fine that it is out there, some places…but it does not need to be “everywhere”, in the “child love” galaxy…

This site specialises in something…and that is a very, very good thing.  It does not water down what is being done here…and that is a very, very good thing…It should stay focused, because what is going on at sites like this is vital, and it should continue in a clear and undiverted manner.

Masturbating is good…There is a time and a place…but that does not mean that “this” is the place…

I think the biggest problem, is that so few people envision a real liberation for ourselves…So, they live in the present, and get whatever they can, wherever they can…and “right now”…because they want to experience it, while they are still alive and can do so.

This site has more of an altruistic nature to it, however.  There is a fairly clear, future goal…a vision for a better future…but, we know it will not be easy to gain that better future…I think, the more foundational activists see and understand the vision…and understand that while “we” ourselves may not realise personal benefit…our own lives may be devastated by what has already transpired…but fighting so that this inhumane injustice we suffer is not visited upon others of the future, is a worthwhile pursuit…

If we don’t do what is necessary, then we will never get there…which is why getting sidetracked is bad.

What is “most” important to “you”?…

…to masturbate and orgasm, or to play a role in defeating prejudice, hostility and violence?…

8 Responses to “The Critical and the Vital…”

  1. Pyro Says:

    I think much of the online boylove community caters to the “Disneyland-type” crowds you describe. In a way it’s sad, because I think it really pacifies the community into being content with the current situation. At that rate, we’ll be exactly where we are now, 20 years from now. Action is needed.

  2. PiedPiper Says:

    I agree 100% to what your saying there are many sites that allow emotional support and the release of sexual feelings and this site should not be one of them.

    Only by fighting this cause can we reverse the doomed reality of child-lovers today where there given no choice but to masturbate in front of a computer screen, ultimately I see that to truly love children you must
    fight for your rights because the children of today will become the adults of tomorrow and would we love them if we condemned them to this same fate.

  3. Daniel Says:

    But what do we want people to do?

    How do we get people to read this website, or what we want them to read?

  4. Strato Says:

    Thanks for the timely post, Steve.

    @ Dan: Newgon obviously isn’t the most high-profile of CL sites (partly because it doesn’t fall-in with the typical ‘support’ genre). So…it’s presence could be more widely advertised…but, there’s always a pay-off, which, in this case, could mean increased attentions from Antis and dealing with pressure (from official pressure to DDOS attacks) that would take the site down.

    At the moment, the site mainly serves those already within the CL community who are interested in activism (as opposed to support). Would that function be hampered by making the site more information/general public-orientated?

  5. ZandirGL Says:

    Addressing a point i have seen brought up in a number of forums.

    I believe child modeling sites are pretty much the ultimate form of activism(for GLs anyway). To me they are a form of acceptance. There are legitimate child modeling agencies, and literally thousands of sites.

    Pedophilia/GL is mainstreaming slowly but surely.

  6. Pyro Says:

    I think the way we’ll draw more traffic is by spreading out as a community while also being interlinked. As it stands. In terms of CL activism we currently have all our eggs in one basket.

  7. Daniel Lièvre Says:

    Strato – as the mentioned “activism” relies on being seen by the public, and little space is available elsewhere but online, I fail to see how turning down the opportunity to be public-minded will be any help to us whatsoever. This is unless we think that a talking shop is activism (which may have some limited validity).

    I have been trying to sell this website to the general public since it was first established. It is a very hard task.

  8. Steve Diamond Says:

    Forgive me for my lapse in response here. And thank you for all the responses.

    I would agree that getting images out there, can be a form of activism, yes…but it can also get in the way.

    I like to use YouTube to distribute my recordings and media content…but I swear, I lose more hours to just getting caught up in watching videos uploaded by other people, than I use up on getting projects done. It is a mixed “blessing”, in the same way that picture sites are.

    I am glad they are there, but they can become such a distraction.

    I spent much of my first three or four years online, roaming around picture newsgroups…to see the cute, shirtless boys in their swimwear and on the beach…Blissful and fun days, yes…But for “me”, it is ultimately a dead end.

    I don’t want pictures…I have to be a complete human being, on equal ground as everyone else…

    Anyway, thank you for all the comments.

    About spreading out the community…

    I think we need more unique, “stand alone” sites and projects online. It was great back when so many of us were on blogger, several of us with very active blogs…and just by having the same interests…as well as by linking to each other, we had this really nice, budding community going on. Everyone had their own personalised place, with its’ own flavor…so the fact that we were many different people, was a lot more apparent.

    I think, we made a bigger footprint that way.

    Maybe it is not “the” answer, but I think if we could motivate a lot more of “our” kind to do the same sort of thing that we are doing, to really make their own mark…a lot more attention could be attracted.

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