To Be Of Service: Your Political “Duty”, as a Sexual Deviant…

March 18th, 2008 by Steve Diamond

So many of the problems surrounding our modern, “sex is abuse” approach, spring forward from our action of trying to box the entire issue up into a, “sex is this” and “sex is not that” kind of indoctrination.

…Does someone, somewhere “own” the patent on the entire idea of sex?…

…Apparently, some people have fooled themselves into believing that “they” do…

Today, we live in a world where vast sections of the human population are cut off from something so incredibly basic, and important to healthy living, as their own sexuality. It has become the proverbial sacrificial lamb, to appease the “great” god of social structure…

…because, someone…somewhere…has decided for us all, “what sex is” and “what sex is not”…

How did they come about making such decisions?…especially where the line is so fine, that they have to start splitting hairs?…

Could it be, that “what sex is” is defined in such a way, that an act is only placed into this privileged category, if it works towards the larger goal(s) of the social collective?

…”Make babies for us, and keep our population recycling into the future…or you are of no use to us?”…Hence, it’s “not” sex?…

Oh, but surely…if that were true, the “common” homosexuals would have never gained legal standing…True?…


That is the beauty of becoming organised, and taking political action…making your oppressors feel the same pain and suffering, which they visit upon you…

“Common” homosexuality has not changed in any ways…except on paper, in the law books and in medical/psychological books.

Our social collective finally found it’s heart, and developed some empathy for the “common” homosexual…but, only after an epic struggle by sexual minorities to force themselves into the public eye, and fight back.

…It was political…

Many of the politicians who relented are still revolted by it…and if they were king, it would be outlawed and persecuted still, till this day.

It was a political move to stop legally persecuting “common” homosexuality…because the legalized social war became to unpopular, to painful…and lost it’s worthwhile utility.

Suddenly, we find a wave of doctors and psychologists writing their books and going onto talk shows…telling us all about how sex honestly is more deeply important to the individual, than merely for just making babies”…and the sex therapists come out to have their day in the sun, parroting all the politically correct notions of the day about sex.

…but, has anything in all of this honestly changed, other than the illusion of social and political correctness?

“Common” homosexuality became part of the “what sex is” definition…because it was forced into that definition…through an emotionally charged, political rampage…

Is the “what sex is” definition, honestly so liquid?…is it honestly so fragile?…Can it really be changed in such monumental ways?…and what good does it do to have such a distinction, if it does not soundly stand for a concrete idea…or goal?…

“What sex is”…and “what sex is not”…these are political illusions…created to promote and secure, someone else’s idea of social utopia…social standards…social needs…

…and these illusions are curiously based upon the bigotries, self serving opportunities and social pressures, which currently effect those in power.

…Laws, police, court rooms and prisons…these things become weapons…

…and the utility of “unpopular” sexualities, becomes of prime value…and a prime focus…

The conflict arises, when “your” sexual orientation falls within that utility…

…Suddenly, it is no longer about “you”, “your nature”…”what you have ever done”, or “what you are likely to do”…but it is now all about what some hyper lobbyist, some pop culture psychologist, some religious leader, some politician…any bigot who wants to shoot their mouth off at a vulnerable target says….”you are bound to do”…out of some sense of sealed fate…

…and “your” sexual orientation becomes relegated to the political spectrum, of “what sex is not”…

Pedophilia “is not sex”…because, “they just know it is not”…

…The political utility found within pedophilia, is not pedophilia’s inherently natural, social utility…which so many people have been blinded towards…No…

…Our political utility, exists in bolstering the sex panic which fuels a plethora of social programs, protects and strengthens certain types of social taboos, stigmas and existing power structures.

Pedophiles are an unwitting tool in all of this…completely regardless of whether or not they even fit, embody or deserve the social stigma and stereotype they are forced to carry and endure.

We find this further supported by modern trends, to attack and destroy those who are trying to dismantle the destructive and corrupt “pedophile” stereotype, by using sound, factual statistics…or, just showing that pedophiles are humans too…

…”Any empathy, grace or compassion shown to a person with that sexual orientation, is unacceptable”…

…because that kind of act is a crack in the foundation of the bigotry, which protects the security of that vicious stereotype.

…a stereotype which is much, much to valuable a prize, to let it fall…

…and so, here we remain in the ghettos of society…in that “sex is not” gutter…

As things presently stand…we are more useful “here”…

…because politics have not figured out how to exploit our natural virtues…

…It seems so painfully obvious to many of us, however…

10 Responses to “To Be Of Service: Your Political “Duty”, as a Sexual Deviant…”

  1. Strato Says:

    An interesting post, Steve. Not only in and of itself, but also because it coincides quite closely with something I have been giving thought to recently. Without pre-empting myself, suffice to observe that I have found myself ever-increasingly having to put words such as ‘sex’ in quote marks…simply because their meaning has become so distorted.

    As you said, a pedophilic relationship cannot be considered ‘sex’ – at least not in contemporary public discourse – since ‘sex’ is defined (by the powers that be) according to a limited criteria. It is partly by the use of this discourse that pedophiles can be stereotyped and utilized for political purposes.

    On a slight tangent, I can’t help but feel that if this is how society is, I am more than happy to remain in the “’sex is not’ gutter” that they have consigned me to. (Thanks for the exquisite imagery, by the way).

  2. Steve Diamond Says:

    This post actually started out on a different intention, but it became something substantially different…

    I’ve wanted to do a “sex is”, and “sex is not” post for a long while now…but, this post is more of an off shoot on that theme. My intention was to talk more specifically about the trends of our culture to isolate and restrict the definitions of sex…and the problems which arise, because of the various ways in which this behavior is dishonest…but, I am happy with “this” post, regardless.

    You know what I find so amazing?…

    …Several times since I started posting and interacting here, I’ve ran across either a post, or a title of a post, or an idea, that I was either “just” working on myself…or, I’d had the essay (etc.) on my hard drive for a year or more…and I run across something strikingly similar, either here or the forum, or on ANU…or an a CLs blog/site…and a few of these situations have been very bizarre.

    One of them, I’ve had the title for an essay noted down and saved on my hard drive for a good year, with brief notes…but, I never got around to fleshing out the essay…However, the title was just great…very unique…not something I would expect to happen across, from another CL’s writing…That was a considerable downer, seeing that “my” excellent title had been “stolen”…and now I’d look like a “copycat”, if I used “my” title…[in all honesty, there is no way either of us could have known about the others intent to use the article title in question].

    I suppose, “great” minds think alike…

    Yeah, I use quotes a lot more these days, because even though we all might use the same words, we don’t have the same intention behind evoking them…We don’t express the same ideas, even when the words are the same.

    You’re welcome for the exquisite imagery. :-)

  3. Strato Says:

    I know the feeling :) Exact same thing has happened to me.

    There’s a huge number of issues that I want to cover, and often find myself taking an angle I hadn’t previously intended. I suppose one main advantage of the blog format is that at least it’s less restrictive than writing infrequent articles – and lends itself to less formalistic posting.

  4. PiedPiper Says:

    I agree with what you’re saying here just a couple of comments:

    The common homosexual doesn’t realise that they will always be considered second class until all sexual groups are accepted the homosexual battle will never win because the young are still been taught that homosexuals are bad. Also one of the things that interests me about our struggle as it’s not about homosexuality but sexuality in general.

    One of the questions I ask myself is, are we the missing link for the full acceptance of the homosexual because only with a drastic change on how society views sex can things really change.

    What is astonishing is you can find many people with physical courage but very few with moral courage it seems today questioning government and popular ‘myths’ is now becoming Taboo.

  5. Steve Diamond Says:

    PiedPiper, I can only agree with you.

    So long as there exists a division, based out of bigotry and not rational judgement, then no sexual “minority” is safe.

    We need the acceptance of all forms of positive, human sexuality.

    The only acknowledged division, should be between violent, genuinely abusive contact (any touch which the recipient would deem hateful, mean or cruel), and loving contact (any touch which the recipient would willingly accept and even encourage).

    Any thing short of this, allows those who are aggressive and predatory against humans who are pro-sexuality, in any ways they disapprove of, to continue on with these insane acts of war.

    I do think that we play a key role, in safeguarding the “normal” homosexuals. There is little doubt in my mind about that…and our cultures intertwine…they fit like a glove…

    There was once a day, when we would have been called a subsection of the gay culture.

  6. ZandirGL Says:

    “So long as there exists a division, based out of bigotry and not rational judgement, then no sexual “minority” is safe.”

    I have always said that all anti ped organizations do is further promote hatred and bigotry. They do not have the ability to use rational arguments because in their case there are none. They resort to attacking anyone who disagrees with their hate campaign, they call people sophomoric names and use scare tactics to get their way. They are quite pathetic if you ask me.

    I often just sit down and think, why is it so hard for people to understand that we do not want to hurt children? Why am I, a perfectly good, decent human being suddenly some kind of social pariah just because i am attracted romantically to children?

    I will most likely never find the answers to these questions. People drop all logic when it comes to the issue of pedophilia, they believe what the media tells them which is that we are all child molesting demons. This could not be further from the truth but people just do not want to recognize this.

    I am a pedophile, I am proud of my orientation and i will no longer be silent about it.

  7. ellipsis Says:

    There is no choice as to whether we are activists.

    It may seem an unfair game but simply existing and further more the acknowledgement of youth attractions is a declaration of war and a question not only of freedom or other rights as a “community” we may persue but as individuals for the right to live, free of threat or violence and exist within society, governed of its laws and contribute to the pursuits of all of mankind.

    We become political combantants by knowledge – the knowledge of self and attraction.

    it can be dressed up in ever so many ways but often resolves itself into simplicity; as simple as an erection or a wandering eye.

    For anyone who has acknowledge attractions outside of the majority; in whichever community they may reside… there is and always will be a pack mentality which gathers a group of similar individuals together and yet placing the obvious variances aside — it happens everywhere, even amongst our own.

    Many of us are second class citizens even in our own families — sexuality and attractions varied.

    All of life is a game of balancing some excuse of morality and justifying the human experience for the utopian ideals of harmony, peace and equality… and other such lofty dreams, principles.

    But all of it falls on the nature of us as individuals and the weight of our own worth scaled with that of our brother or sister.

    Prisoner’s Dilemma

    If we are to set goals as individuals it is to seek positions of power, to play a vicious game of politics and finances. Which often means the sacrifice of our brethen, our closet kin, ideals or even self respect to climb the ladder in the hopes that one day our authority would be good enough to make a difference — be it no one else stabs us before we make it closer to the top.

    Or as groups we’re often doomed to being unable to move forward, masturbating to our own egos and pity trips trying to ensure that everyone has a voice; trying to change the past, dreaming of the future and oblivious to the present.

    But we are a danger to society by simply acknowledging ourselves as simple as gathering in places where our words might echo one another. We have power in nothing.

    But nothing is often draining to ones’ soul… like plagues that bring death to communities and of wars, I tire of the casualties caught in the crossfire of politics and society.

    And rather than finding myself angry at the world on the outside, there’s frustration to be had with those who could easily be in the same lot celebrating their indifference even when their best mate gets shot.

    Life goes on, we’ll all be dead. so what?

    At least this crew can’t gather too well in public and boy bars … snorting poppers, powders and pills.. fucking themselves into the grave or surrendering into the conformity, trying to play the part – they’re just like everyone else. don’t rock the boat.

    For any kind of deviant, sexual or otherwise…

    “If you’re not ready to fight, don’t step out of the proverbial closet.”

    We’re always going have to fight someone, but in this life even as discrete as we may be … it’s not just for the sake of movements, rights or basic liberties, but our life – our individual, fucking lives.

    What’s your life worth?

    We either fight or we deny, and the smarter choice would be to deny — all that we feel, all that we are in its entirity. That would buy us safety in the end… but it’s not much of a life, is it?

    Suicide or waiting for the masses with their pitchforks and torches in hand.

    semantics is dead, philosophy is forgotten and rational thought a myth.

  8. ellipsis Says:

    mindless endevours in my mad, mad quest to destroy everything and everyone;


  9. Steve Diamond Says:

    ZandirGL, thank you…

    It only takes a bit of time wandering around places like YouTube, and you find groups of these anti pedophiles infesting the place…and good grief! Some of the types of videos they post, and the things they say, the threats they make…are literally indistinguishable from much of what other terrorist hate groups would be inclined to post.

    Actually, they are typically more graphic and vicious than your average hate group. Their base tactics are every bit the same as other hate groups.

    It is outright shocking what they get away with…and you know, if they were not able to hide behind the socially incorporated bigotry, they would be getting deleted and banned left and right.

    …and yes, they are incredibly immature. They don’t want to discuss anything, or ever be rational about anything…They just want their way…They feel they have been wronged, they want their vengeance, and they don’t care who they take it out on…

    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind, that a vast many of these people are psychologically not well…many of them are sociopaths, who are there for the “good time” of going on a human hunt.

    …and a lot of them are just plain young and ignorant people, who have not had any real life experience behind them…They are still idealistic in many ways, and think the world is “black or white”…and that they live above the law, like a Dirty Harry or a Charles Bronson. Philip John Eide would fit into this category, for example.

    All the same, I’m always glad to encounter other proud pedophiles…Every pedophile should be proud of his natural place in the larger picture…It is because of a lack of pride, as well as lacking any sense of a place to fit in, that some pedophiles end up doing horrible things.

    Emotional stability is critical.

    ellipsis, you said a lot…

    …and I agree…

    [My apologies for parts of this rambling, but I got onto a roll...You ask some critical questions which have struck a deep cord inside of me for years.]

    The last several years have been increasingly hard on me…and few people know, I went through a substantially bad psychological breakdown a few years ago, months prior to my return like a firestorm to the internet.

    It was a mixture of to many complex things to get into here…but, I can not go back to being like that again…which in large part, is why I took up blogging and writing again. It is why my blogs were so vitally important on a personal level…They helped me find and maintain a personal balance, and they let me share this complicated obstacle with the world, and the frustration it brought with it.

    It is also why I could not just drop it and walk away, after the blogspot (Bleh!spot?…BadSpot?) ordeal and those filthy, stupid idiots from the hate groups…who are too stupid to just leave people the hell alone…There are other people on this planet, who also need these resources and outlets too…but they just want to keep agitating, and disrupting the balance…doing whatever they please, so long as they have someone to shit on (that is all that matters).

    They play a damned dangerous game…and I am fed up with it…I am not their toy…

    I want the people of this planet to stop being such a bunch of miserable, hateful ass holes…Is that too much to ask for? I want us to work through a solution…

    Apparently this is “wrong” of me…as certain rotten people on the internet will tell us all…According to them, “they” are the only ones with a right to speak…Meanwhile, in squelching out us, they are suffocating us to death…we did not a damn thing to deserve this…They are forcing a situation of incredible danger…and incredible stupidity…

    <b>”…but it’s not much of a life, is it?”</b>

    …and that is what it ultimately comes down too…Who the hell are “they”, to tell us what “the perfect life lived” even is? Who the hell are “they”, to tell us the love we willingly chose to share with each other, is “not worthy”?…Who the hell are “they”, to call our lives “depraved, immoral and dangerous”?

    By the time you are done having your life torn away from you, like flesh being ripped from your bones…by the time you are done being psychologically raped to the point of being an emotional and mental wreck…by the time everything meaningful to “you” has been completely removed from your reach…life is no longer worth living.

    …and this is just so stupid…It serves no purpose, except for the bastards who profit from it…It will never solve any problems…It just creates more worse problems…

    The discovery of this…I don’t know if it is a worse burden on you to know these things, or just to remain living in ignorance, never conceiving that things “could” be different. Ether way, you are getting screwed. Either way, your life has been diminished.

    I have more of a fire in me today, because I honestly an infuriated at what is happening…and how it is, that this is even being allowed to happen.

    I am going to die at some point in time…and I will have never had even the most basic of fundamental human experiences…making love to someone I adore and hold as precious…Sexual fantasies so many people take for granted and live…There will never be one in “my” life…

    …and it is all over stupid, sexual superstitions…and the people who chronically see a “demon” everywhere they look.

    I will be the better man…I wont bring a child into harms way…but I wont let those bastards forget what they have torn out from deep inside of me…or what beautiful things could have existed with some who are in my life…

    They will not have the convenience of never having to hear about how they devastated my life, and the lives of countless people like me.

    I am fully justified in dealing out some verbal “black eyes”, and removing the occasional piece of hide from those who attack us…

    It is a damn sickening bargain in their favor…

    My life fully lived, including the knowledge of a true love experienced, is worth more than every ounce of hate and phobia breathed, in the entire human race…

    …and I will be cursing every single one of them bastards, wherever it is that I lay dying…knowing that I never lived my life…because of them…

    That is going to be my single biggest sorrow, on my death bed…(if I should be fortunate enough to have a bed to die in).

    There is just really nothing left to do, but fight…even if you don’t want to…

  10. ellipsis Says:

    Personally, I don’t require an apology for rambling — I am often prone to it. And the subject is difficult to place in a decent soundbyte or one-liner. A lifetime of rage boiling over with every experience that comes to pass. Just when we’ve declared enough is enough … something else hits the fan and everything that typically rests below the surface comes up again.

    These outbursts however damaging in the scheme of things, are often the salvation for the soul and mind. *Emotional stability; when an insane world is geared to push you over the edge.

    I’ve had multiple blogs shutdown (17) — not all dealing with obvious subjects and not all by anti groups. More in the past two years than the last ten.

    I’ve looked at it as representation for the bible in a way. People pick a passage and hold that as the definitive proof for what its all supposed to stand for, skipping context and the definition of the day … whatever excuse to justify the reason.

    I have plenty of excuses too, I suppose. And I make my own justifications.

    But it’s the same lot of being less than human in a larger eye, but a look that doesn’t gaze only over me but extends to all those that surround me.

    That simply what I am – regardless of context — brings risk of my life, not only to myself, but to friends and family, knowing or unknowing, supportive or unsupportive. Guilt by association even if I exist within all the laws of my nation.

    But I face the same situation, not only for this part of me but the other parts as well. But there’s a bigger portion of the world that says ‘it’s okay’

    it’s okay if they take away my rights and liberty, if I am criminalized for the sole admittance of this part of who and what I am.

    justified to be stalked, harassed, attacked, murdered … to be denied employment, public services, housing, education, life.

    But its more often the little things that are reflected more … the changing of emails or blogs, of human connections and maintaining friends as the global politics change; speculation and rumours. Honesty and love.

    We sacrifice much in coming to grips with understanding ourselves, our attractions and even naming it as our sexuality.

    We sacrifice everything, knowningly or unknowingly, in the realization in this part of us.

    And of everything that can be taken away … aside from life, we still have our voice in whatever shape or form it takes.

    While it’s the little things most of us will face — we still risk everything in just posting in places like these.

    the casualities caught in the crossfire is the hardest thing to live with, I believe.

    So, I’d rather tell them, just come for me. Or I’ll come for you.

    The more you show me I’ve got nothing else to lose… the stronger my voice will be.

    I want to live.

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