A Short Blurb About B.L.M.W.

December 17th, 2007 by Viamund


This is just a reminder that Boy-love Media Watch (B.L.M.W.) does not seem to be sending out e-mails as in the past or noting stories where comments are required. Still it is important to refute the lies that are a part of the propaganda machine that is fueled through hate and shame. There are many stories on B.L.M.W. that require our monitoring and honesty. More and more are we beginning to view the sickness of the depraved Fundamentalist minds and there lust for violence and fear of pleasure. Many comments are beginning to encourage the open calls for death to sexual minorities. Where will we be brothers? Will we remain silent? Please do not forget to read B.L.M.W. and you will see comments are still needed by those who do not fear to embrace truth.

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  1. Daniel Lièvre Says:

    I’m a bit dissapointed with this. I’m sure that some such comment articles can be found on Newshound’s NewsStand (www.freewebtown.com/newsstand), but this looks like it may have been inspired by the attack posts from wikisposure. If so, I do not see why they stopped adding stories. Dave Riegel had a perfect line, where he would warn the forum of upcoming vigilante attentions, in much the same style as the grubs themselves!

    What we need is a similar project, which is not aimed specifically towards man-boy sexual contacts (i.e. to include articles on non-contact pedophiles or adolescent sexual experiences in girlhood). Whilst writing letters to the media may be an effective method, the only way of knowing for sure that you’re being heard, is by writing to a public forum, and I was happy to do this regularly, for as long as the stories were made readily available.

  2. Viamund Says:

    I agree that it it was sad to see the project concluded.

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