“The Persecution Delusion” Delusion (A response to Wikisposure)

December 16th, 2007 by Raven

Nobody likes to be called a bully—and how an individual or a group of people get into a position of power in which they can fill the shoes of “the bully” is a cultural barometer used time and again to evaluate the actions of the great bullies of history—yet we have seen recently the rise of a new bully no less malicious, the “internet vigilante” whose sole purpose is to root out pedophiles, like myself, who choose, in the face of great adversity, to speak and not be silent. For as history has shown time and time again, silence is deadly.

For those who are unaware there is a website run by the bullies at Perverted-Justice.com called Wikisposure (http://www.wikisposure.com/The_Persecution_Delusion).

†[Please be aware that some of the websites mentioned can be extremely dangerous to the child-lover internet user.]

The purpose of this website is to glean as much information as possible about minor attracted persons in hopes of identifying and outing those people in real life. Further, you do not even need to be a pedophile to be targeted by these vigilantes; you only need to disagree with them enough to raise their ire.

Usually the “featured article” on Wikisposure is reserved for people that the vigilantes believe they’ve adequately identified, and is a call to action for their supporters to harass (read “persecute”) that person by calling their house, calling their neighbors, their work, or physically targeting that person by posting signs in their neighborhood or whatever twisted thing they can come up with. (FYI: Wikisporse and its tactics are currently illegal in United States under federal anti-stalking laws. But do the vigilantes behind these types of websites obey the law? Of course not. Because bullies have power.)

However, this month’s featured article is not a person; instead this month’s article does something far more sinister and something that, a long time ago, I predicted would come to pass as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The featured article is titled “The Persecution Delusion,” and it aims to counter the well-documented harassment of pedophiles in society by stating that any sense of persecution felt by minor attracted persons (pedophiles, ephebophiles, etc.) is only a delusion.

Wikisposure says:

“There is a delusion that pedophiles are under which is insane at the very best. They claim they are “persecuted” and “oppressed,” the same way blacks, gays, jews [sic] and women have been maltreated over the centuries. They would like to ride on the margins of these other minorities in order to garner sympathy from those minorities, and to use the history of the emancipation of these minorities as precedence for their own freedom to have sex with children.”

Most of what Wikisposure is saying in this paragraph is correct, except for two main concepts: 1) the idea that our suffering is a delusion, and 2) that we need to fabricate a precedence to have sex with children. The first flawed concept can be negated by any free thinking person who is willing to pick up a newspaper or turn on the television, or simply Google “pedophile” and start reading the sort of violent rhetoric that pops up. I ask, is the entertainment value on our marginalized status a delusion? Perverted-Justice.com is primarily an entertainment company that makes its money off of the fact that pedophiles are a persecuted minority; indeed, the Dateline NBC program To Catch a Predator is simply the modern day equivalent of the Romans throwing Jews and Christians to the lions. Again, is the fact that a pedophile cannot get a fair court hearing a delusion? Is the fact that we have been hunted down and murdered a delusion? Is it a delusion that in some states the punishment for consensual sex with a minor is the death penalty? (The very concept that a person can be put to death for loving another person automatically elevates the plight of the pedophile to that of Jesus and Gandhi.)

As for the precedence to have sex with children: I just ask that Wikisposure editors take into consideration the last 4000 years of human history–end of story. Indeed, the onus is on them to find a precedent to restrict sex with children, something that we don’t have to worry about since the consent and concern exists in the world of pedophiles and children, and has little to do with the hate mongering and Brown Shirt tactics used by these vigilantes. At any rate, we have reached the point, in the United States at least, where sex with children ought to be considered an act of civil disobedience, for once the persecution of the pedophile and the child by society is realized, we will have passed a very important benchmark towards the type of freedom and liberty that the world has been craving, that of Love and common compassion.

The Warren Cup of Man/boy Love 

The Warren Cup, ca. 1 – 20 AD.

Historical depiction and precedence of boy-man sexuality.

Don’t let the vigilantes rewrite history and reality. 

19 Responses to ““The Persecution Delusion” Delusion (A response to Wikisposure)”

  1. Steve Diamond Says:

    So, it has all been a fabrication of my imagination, that blogspot refuses to host me?…or that I have to pay, for what most people (even the ones who use such, for injurious and sometimes even illegal activity) can take for granted, as a free service?

    Having my home online debased, all my established links at the search engines rendered unusable, and loosing quite a lot of notes and partially written posts, while being treated like dirt…is not persecution…but a delusion?…

    Forgive me…These are trivial inconveniences, in comparison to the real, human rights atrocities you have already mentioned in your, very good post.

    …and I both understand and feel the urgency over those human rights emergencies.

    …but, these abuses, which the mouthy and vicious inhabitants of “perverted justice” like to dismiss as “delusion”, come in many different, real life degrees…

    These “delusions”, are the real life things, which some of us deal with every day, on so many different levels.

    So what if “I”, or any number of us, have never spent even a single night in jail, connected to our sexual orientation?…

    What of the right to speak?…what of being held a prisoner to silence?…What of the stalkers, blackmailers and issuers of terrorist threats, which so many of us have encountered, in our years online?…

    What of the despicable treatment, as though we were sub-human?…because our experiences in life are different?

    That is not a delusion…That is the ugly fact of life, in a world where ugly people form ugly associations, like the ugly “perverted justice”.

    This is the classic bully…Exploit and hurt those in a weaker position, and then ridicule and scoff at them, when they either try to fight back, or expose what is going on at the hands of the bully.

    The mouthy members of “perverted justice”, often like to shoot off their mouths, in this manner.

    …but, don’t all bullies?…

  2. Raven Says:


    You’re correct to point out online persecution. The fact that service after service will readily censor pedophiles who want to speak out is simply symptomatic of the larger problem.

    Even now the “antis” are grappling with the consequences of their own hate; they are learning that their extremist ideology has very few friends in the historical record, except for the worst humanity has to offer: Hitler, the KKK, and other fascist movements. They are finding, probably in moments of bitter irony, that the role they are playing is not one of their choosing, but rather a role that has been defined by other tyrants before them, and it is their praxis (the actions of their philosophy) that decides whose footsteps they will follow in.

    The question that has always puzzled my mind is if these vigilantes every have moments of epiphany in which they comprehend what they are doing, and how history will judge them?

    Which is why your concern about deleted blogs and hijacked websites strikes at the heart of our struggle. Fascists always want to control the historical record and the contemporary dialectic by censoring who can speak and who cannot, which is why “silence is so deadly.” For all one has to do is follow the silence to find the suffering.

    Of course we don’t live in Nazi Germany, but this is OUR time and OUR battle, and the differences between ourselves and those persecuted then only varys in context. For example, having our blogs erased can be considered the modern day equivalent of the SS closing down the Jewish papers and burning Jewish books.

    Those who want to “clean up” the internet of all traces of pedophiles and child sexuality should take the words of Salman Rushdie to heart: “Cleanliness is not next to godliness, it is next to fascism.”

  3. Viamund Says:

    I am curious to know how legal is this site. There are laws against this type of internet hate. I keep copies of all that they post and advise everyone else to do likewise.

  4. Strato Says:

    Raven – thanks for another thought-provoking post. Regarding the oft-made analogy between the position of MAAs in contemporary society with that of the Jews under Nazi Germany, I agree that there is a considerable overlap. Where the analogy fails to offer enlightenment, however, is that the propaganda against the Jews was limited – both by available technology and by geographical boundaries. For MAAs in contemporary society, the position is arguably infinitely worse. Globalization and technological advances have meant that the propaganda is now omnipresent, constant and limitless – and further, that it is carried out on a worldwide basis, such that Nazi Germany is no longer limited by borders, but is instead operating as a globally-controlled tyranny.

    The issue of disseminating a distorted reality by censoring and erasing information is becoming ever-more pressing. As both you and Steve observe, the Internet (which is a primary advantage of contemporary MAAs) is in many respects a battle-ground. In some ways, though, it is invisible to broader society. The attacking of blogs and websites, and ruthless censorship by major players such as Facebook, MySpace and Google, is not something upon which the mainstream media will report. On the other hand, there are more visible areas of censorship occurring – and it is to be hoped that these will draw more attention. I am thinking primarily of attempts and proposals in the English-speaking world (particularly the US, Canada and UK) to criminalize all production and possession of ‘erotica’ involving adult-youth (or even simply youth-) sexuality, e.g. the written word, drawings, paintings, sketches, etc.

    The proponents of such legislation are unable to provide evidence that such works are (or lead to) a ‘social danger’; the objection is merely an attempt to control information. And, as such, it represents an insidious form of Orwellian control over history and human nature. In my opinion, the written word is really the ultimate remnant of freedom – we can only hope that others in society will recognize that its suppression will only ever be a ‘slippery-slope’.

  5. Daniel Lièvre Says:

    I had noted that article as one of the particularly nauseating products of the Wikisposure project.

    What gets me is the audacity they have to claim that a group of people are deluded in thinking that they are being attacked. It’s not so bad to say that they are deluded in thinking that their persecution is unjustified, after all, we already know that they would feel this way. But to set up a website with no other purpose than to persecute, to predate a group of people, and then claim that they are deluded in pointing out the obvious, takes self-delusion to a whole new level.

    sex with children ought to be considered an act of civil disobedience

    They’ll take that one for sure.

  6. steve Says:

    those guys who run pj should be investigated
    themselves, they seem to enjoy a little too
    much what they do.

  7. Raven Says:

    I’m planning a much larger post on this issue, but for now my basic thoughts on so called “cognitive distortion” is that it is pseudoscience of the worst kind. The practice of its theory is at the best dishonest and at the worst it is used to actively persecute and ruin the lives of people who are undergoing counseling. As an academic I have access to people who work in this field, those I’ve asked about “cognitive distortion” have always regarded it as unsound research.

    Indeed, as it applies to pedophiles cognitive distorting (CD) is NOTHING but rhetoric, and this rhetoric is used by psychologists who make their living off of selling their skill like it was snake oil. As a result CD trickles down into the uneducated forums of Wikisposure, Perverted Justice, and Absolute Zero where it is again applied, not scientifically but rhetorically.

    I’ve recently read a book called “Sex Offenders and the Internet” by the loathsome authors Kerry Sheldon and Dennis Howitt. “SOs and the Internet” when read carefully is nothing more than a treatise by a couple of ill-educated PhDs trying to justify their non-science into a scientific frame, but try as they might, it won’t fit.

    Here’s what the authors call CD in their chapter titled “Distorted Thinking”

    “CD is a crucial concept in current theories of sex offending.” (207)

    “Cognitive distorting are enduring beliefs that support the abuse of children (208)

    “Cognitive distortions reflect the distorted experiences of the offender or are ‘narrative accounts’ of the offender’s early childhood experiences.” (210)

    As in many books of this nature, the authors seem to “get off” on using as many case studies as possible. I call it “kiddy porno for psychologists.” But what a careful reader comes to find is that CD is simply a way to reinforce the system of society that is currently persecuting children and pedophiles. Indeed, to be a psychologist these days it almost imperative that one adopt the view that children are all cognitively distorted, that any narrative from childhood is a distortion, and thusly children, like pedophiles, are subhuman.

    The following little quote should summarize my feelings that you can lead a psychologist to the clinic, but you can’t make him think.


    “There were a few examples from interviews with other offenders that CD might reflect accounts of early child sexual experiences. These following examples essentially contain what would be a ‘children-are-sexual-beings’ distortion. Children are viewed as sexual beings simply because as a child this offender was sexually active with peers and adults;

    When I was 14…I did have sex willingly with other boys, with men…I knew what I was doing, what I wanted, no man apart from the times I’ve told you about, no man abused me, but I went and had sex with men…but here [prison] you get this blanket no children don’t go out and have sex, but I know that’s wrong, I did it myself and I know I wasn’t the only one doing it…[…]” (223)

    Oh, and while a pedophile is analyzing anti-pedophile propaganda, I’ll take another quote from the book:

    Sam had willing sew with two men when he was a boy, here’s how the good doctors describe it: “They oral and anal penetrative sex acts on him. Irrespective of his initial response to his abuse, he (Sam) gained some comfort and pleasure from these experiences. Sex was equated in his mind with love and affection.

    Sam: “I used sex quite a lot as affection I liked the feeling of somebody inside me.” (149)

    In conclusion, cognitive distortion is a tool used by psychologists (who are themselves tools) to dehumanize and persecute children and pedophiles. The PhDs who wrote the book quoted from here believe that children cannot think, and that every sexual act as a child is a potential pedophile creating experience.

  8. John Smith Says:

    I’m a twice-convicted possessor of CP in the UK, so I have experienced the NSPCC-run Sex Offender Therapy Programme. The concept of “cognitive distortion” was central to the programme, but was just a pseudo-scientific excuse for making us feel bad about our sexualities. They didn’t even bother giving us case studies of child molestation, just took it as a starting-point that all adult-child sexual contact was abusive and inherently non-consensual.

    The range of other participants was wide, several of whom were there for having clearly consensual sex with girls/boys in their mid teens. One was only a couple of years older than the girl he’d made love to. Another was a married man who had a long-running affair with a 14yo girl who did all she could to keep it a scret, and was standing by him (clearly she must be mentally ill…).

    My strategy was just to pretend to go along with it, and even to be as enthusiastic as I deemed credible. There would be no point in attempting to rebut the nonsense, as it would have made the Probation Service keep an even closer watch on me.

    If further details of my experiences would be useful, please ask.

  9. Daniel Lièvre Says:

    John – the blog, whilst primarily about meanings and comment is a rather stuffy atmosphere for getting to know someone. I would be very pleased if you did decide to join the forum (/forum), where we could converse further, with and to the benefit of certain others.

  10. Theannyuttete Says:


    As a fresh newgon.com user i just want to say hello to everyone else who uses this board :-D

  11. sagpaunda Says:

    What is bumburbia?

  12. Tyciol Says:

    Nice read

  13. Clinton Robert Labombard Says:

    I think Wikisposure is funny. Of course, that’s only because I’ve been in this position before: the information they have on me is dated and erroneous, and I know that once you’ve shown a bully you aren’t by any means defenseless, that bully moves on to easier targets. Okay, that and my sense of humor is just a tad bent.

    They’ve nothing on me. All they have there is hearsay from years ago when I was raging against the machine and being as much of an asshat as I could muster. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case with other people. Other people might have something to offer as evidence to the weak-minded to cause such people reason to help harass such a targeted individual.

    I /am/ a pedophile, but only in the essence of that word. I have an erotic attraction towards children. I don’t hunt for their physical presence, I don’t give pointers on how to catch one, I don’t store CP anywhere, I don’t write naughty stories about screwing kids, but I do one thing: I occasionally go over to 4chan or Google to look for kiddie porn. Obviously I’m a menace to society. I mean, with such wholesome shows as Family Guy and South Park teaching the US masses the incredible wrongs of child erotica I guess I really do need a bully to wake me up to just how bad a person I am.

    I really should start a new website.

  14. Innocent Bystander Says:

    I stumbled upon this post while researching bullying and feel the need to comment. To start with let me preface what I’m about to say with this: I agree with Raven that the bullying denied in the wikisposure article does happen. I also agree that this bullying is unacceptable. Human beings no matter what their actions, race, beliefs or sexual orientation, deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

    At the same time I question your logic in suggesting that these bullies look to history for a precedent to have sex with children. By your own logic the persecution of Jews, black people, Gays and women or even terrorists can be seen as an excuse to bully your minority group.
    The fact that something has been done in the past, even if it has been the norm, does not make it right.
    I’m not going to try to convince you that what you call your sexual orientation is wrong. You probably would stop reading anyway. But as a victim (and yes I do mean VICTIM) of childhood sexual abuse I cannot condone or support that orientation.
    I will say this however to Mr Labombard and any other readers like him: Don’t use the fact that you only occasionally look at kiddie porn as an excuse. Every time you look at those images you perpetuate an industry that has nothing to do with either love or consent. You may like to think that only looking at pictures makes you harmless but in doing so you have no way of ensuring that this child’s involvement was consensual.

  15. Tyciol Says:

    Oy now I gotta go look up what brown shirt tactics means, should link to wikipedia article on phrases like that for the uninformed.

  16. Marth Burth Says:

    In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

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