October 9th, 2007 by Llort

Don’t get me wrong. I do not oppose provocative imagery or ideas.

But occasionally, something just comes along and reaffirms my belief that various members of a certain political movement do not value the interests of young people or even their own stated ideals as highly as they claim.

In fact, all that today’s self-styled pedo-hunter, confirmed Nazi enthusiast and collaborator of one of our most regular commentators appears to be set on doing, is coping with and sharing his own highly revealing neuroses. Where such an obsessive focus on the ghoulishly extreme may come from, be it fear, self-loathing or any number of conjugated psychological complexes, I have no idea of knowing for sure.

So let’s put this in more simplistic terms.

Rez. You seriously need a lesson in PR:

Is it a surprise that even the angels at Absolute Zero won’t link to them any more?

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  1. Rez Says:

    You seriously need a lesson in PR

    what did you have in mind? i mean, other than you’re sick obsession with me?

  2. Daniel Lièvre Says:

    sick obsession with me

    Overly introspective there, aren’t we Rez?

  3. Steve Diamond Says:


    …Always Caught Masturbating Everywhere?


    …that about sums up, the entirety of Llez, on as deep a level as it gets.

    Part of me wants to say, you grant that spectacle far more attention than it deserves, even if it is an example of the absolute worst…and proof positive that those kinds, do indeed exist.

    I’m not so sure this will garner any true empathy for “us”, so much as it will merely make people realize, that Llez is simply obsessive, deranged and maybe criminally dangerous…likely needing to be locked up.


    What Llez (with his fantasy “group”, who’s only claim to fame is stealing URLs) does not seem to realize, is that Llez is nothing more than a ready made stooge…a patsy…

    …a gift, really…because Llez so beautifully embodies the extreme, which so many of us have talked about for years.

    We could not ask for a better specimen, to just point our finger at, and say…”See? I told ya so! Look at that!”…

    You know there is either something psychologically wrong with Llez, or Llez’s IQ is very low (probably both)…Otherwise, Llez would have figured out by now, that Llez should just keep it’s mouth shut, and not expose itself like this.

    Credibility is long gone for you, Llez…if you ever had any to begin with…

    Like most blogs, YouTube accounts, personal websites, etc…Llez’s blog is just another sorry story, of one big, personal ego stroking…and that is about it. It’s all about Llez, and the obsessive, sick mind of Llez…and Llez’s personal glorification of Llez.

    …Well, it’s also about insulting, accusing/libeling, harassing and stalking, too…Cant forget those, as apparently, Llez’s life would be quite barren, without those elements.

    Now I see the stalker Llez, is trying to pretend, that all established and known facts about Llez’s online activity, are not the truth after all, and that “you” are the one who’s been “stalking” and “obsessed”?…

    Maybe Llez is suffering from dementia, too?

  4. Rez Says:

    please stop abusing commas, Steve. thank you. as for the rest of your gibberish… do you really expect people to read that stupidity? i couldn’t get past that first… what is that supposed to be…? is it your excuse for a paragraph? anyway, yeah, i didn’t read it. i doubt anyone else will either.

  5. Rez Says:

    Overly introspective there, aren’t we Rez?

    uhmmm… no? and what the fuck does introspection have to do with anything? are all the words still confusing you, Daniel?

    and you still haven’t told me what kind of PR lessons you think i need. looks like i’m getting more than enough out of you. you even have a shrine to me here on your site. what more could i ask for?

  6. Daniel Lièvre Says:

    …or rather a shrine to an army of little wankerish homunculi who crawl around usenet, spouting textbook ped-hate after suspectly little prompting.

    You’re just the shell from which the majority of it originates.

    Introspection? Of course I’ll tell you what I meant. Just look at the first and last words in the quoted text. Introspective indeed.

    Steve. I want some of these commas. Whatever you’re doing to the poor bastards, Rez sure makes it sound good.

  7. Angry Closet Male Ephebophile(s) Says:

    Hello, my name is Daniel Lièvre.

    [No way. He's just little Rez, fantasizing about the possibility. Removed Impersonation & Defamation - Dan]

  8. Rez Says:

    Introspection? Of course I’ll tell you what I meant. Just look at the first and last words in the quoted text. Introspective indeed.

    i still don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. English obviously isn’t your first language, and i’ve repeatedly told you that i don’t speak gibberish.

  9. Daniel Lièvre Says:

    Hwk, efnw dekqlwd wddef dqwd d deqwdew wqew yuiuo hjb weq qsdqax f vgtrwer fq wn th dsdfvds.

    Wxwectgr hynb dewef hbyupknjbn qwzqwa sfcgfr rb b bhtrbtrb bgfb.David Finkelhor.

    He’s a genius, isn’t he?

  10. Steve Diamond Says:

    ,,,,,,,,,,, There ya go!

    Honestly, I know exactly what I am, when it comes to writing.

    I am a writer, by virtue of the fact that I write consistently, over time.

    Never once have I claimed to be a “great writer”…nor a “word artist”…

    Anyone thinking I am bad today, should have seen my spelling, years ago. It was…bad…

    I still have to run some of my old stuff through a spell checker, before I’m allowing it back online.

    If my run on sentences get to bad, I usually catch myself…and say, “alright, this has got to be rewritten!”…and I rewrite it…usually…

    On the whole, I think my writing is easy to read, for most people…

    …Then, there’s those with reading impediments…and phobias of commas, and “…”s….

    Sorry to say, I cant do anything for their suffering.

    You know, mostly I get treated okay and respectfully, by my readership…

    …Then, there’s the yahoos who refuse to talk about the issues broached, but instead launch into some insane attack on my grammar.

    …as if anybody cares about grammar (look around the internet!)…Still, I try to maintain a aura of class, and keep my spelling proper at least.

    It’s the same old, duck and swerve game…try to sabotage the conversation, by arguing about something irrelevant…

    It’s sad…They already know, that I know them better than they know themselves…and they are already defeated (we all know this)…They don’t even attempt to challenge me…

  11. Daniel Lièvre Says:

    Bear in mind that Rez is a notorious distractionist who never admits that he’s wrong.

    I’m sure you remember the logical fallacy debates that once took place here.

  12. Bill Evans Says:

    Our old mate Rez is a hater, and we all know what really drives the haters, don’t we??? If his IQ was even 10% if his ego, he would be dangerous, but it isn’t, so…

    Ignore the stupid piece of toilet paper, he really isn’t worth arguing with, and will eventually meet the same fate as the late unlamented Echols…

  13. Rez Says:

    what happened, Steve- [A URL]


    [Do you even realize how pathetic one has to be, in order to scour the internet searching for content on sites that aren't even officially open yet? How many sleepless days did you spend? No matter...I'll have words with the fine folks there (who've hosted a good bit of my content for years, without permission to do so and with no complaints), if we cant come to an understanding then fine...I'll leave that host. It takes me very little to upload the content again. I have no expectations that very many eyes even saw it, so...I'm not crushed by this. I'm going to get my own domain, and reliable hosting. You want to call this a victory?...I don't care... - Steve]

  14. Rez Says:

    who never admits that he’s wrong.

    that’s because i’m never wrong. ever.

  15. Rez Says:

    If his IQ was even 10% if his ego

    nobody’s that smart.

    will eventually meet the same fate as the late unlamented Echols…

    you’ll die a lot sooner than me, you useless piece of shit.

    too bad [alleged activity] kept you from making our meeting here in the states. i had something really special waiting for you.=)

  16. Raven Says:

    I’ve been trying very hard in my activism to drive home the point that there is a well defined link between the type of suffering experienced by the Jews in Nazi Germany and type of suffering experienced by MAAs in our contemporary society.

    I feel that Rez has actually done us a favor by enhancing his rhetoric to such a degree, and I sincerely hope he continues with his methods. First, such rhetoric associates and legitimizes the plight of MAAs by drawing the relationship between the persecution of Jews and our own persecution. Second it directly associates Rez and his ilk with the Nazis and all the nastiness that goes along with them, because if he wants a “pedophile holocaust” he can’t deny that he will have to use Nazi tactics. Thirdly, we can assume that if we suffer like the Jews so too will we be liberated, and society will see that our struggle is exactly like all the other great struggles for justice and freedom.

    In one Photoshop session Rez has managed to do a lot of work in our favor, no matter how abhorrent his personal ideology is proving to be.

  17. Rez's next step? Says:

    Well, the name Rez does sound sought of Middle Eastern so:

  18. Daniel Lièvre Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised with a suicide attempt. His ranting at google admins was pretty disasterous, as it effectively lead to the existence of this blog, in much the same way as Perverted-Justice’s hysteria brought about the main site.

  19. ellipsis Says:

    I think it’s a rather effective image but the argument becomes for which side.

    The idea of genocide or cleansing of a group of people regardless of how they may be perceived by a segment of society is often viewed as morally corrupt and simply wrong.

    I know many people are quick to say that paedophiles should be snuffed out. But this is actually something that ties them into the rest of the human experience and speaks volumes on the level of fear and irrational propaganda.

    The simple use of the word “holocaust” evokes a graphically violent image to a large segment of the population.

    While an undercurrent may support the idea of such an action against people perceived to be pedophiles, regardless of their actions as probability of danger rather than the element of possibility which could be applied to anyone.

    It also becomes a question of what is a pedophile and how do you determine who is one, how do we sort the masses from a draconian death or societal treatment. Where does the justification come in that excuses the moral or ethical right and wrong.

    As the image and text goes… An immediate connection would be drawn to what most of us know the “Holocaust” as.

    I believe it would leave a less than subtle taste as simple as the language or as graphic as the picture is.

    Regardless of ones message.. the evocation of such imagery and irrefutable references to our collective past history, experiences doesn’t help his cause.

    Whether it is the use of Holocaust or any other term of ethnic cleansing, religious genocide or the removal of any group of people… it connects us to the same experiences as the rest of humanity… we become humanized, although I know many of those groups would not want to be on the same page.

    While I know there are many that would believe there is a great deal of separation between ethnic cleansing and how society may feel towards overlapping label of what pedophila may be…

    to say that all people who either identify, relate or are perceived to be a part of this group is worthy of mass murder, being wiped from the planet or whatever vigilante BS becomes acceptable to go beyond our legal system, for a higher right.

    It also becomes important to remember.. when you have the power to name one group, you have the power to name for a less cause until the cycle continues

    And to be perceived as part of a group takes no more effort than to match a part of a description, a stereotype, it need not be factual and it could be as simple as being accused by a passing stranger.

    If I call you my brother, what would people say to that? The ones that fight it the most are the ones that have the most to hide. That seems to be the belief in hysteria. When all the perceived monsters are scared away, will you find the monsters in yourself?

    But I digress…for where is there value in life when we re-visit the atrocities of the past, when it’s decided that any group should be killed without so much as a second glance, a question or an argument for life.

    And it has nothing to do with the death penalty of an individual, even with its draconian roots and my disapproval, may have place within the legal systems that allow it.

    It’s quite separate to speak of mass murder of individuals that may have no crime, but one of thought, of perception, of fear.

    As with any group…of paedophiles as it may be or others.. not all are innocent but neither are all guilty of what crimes may be perceived as hidden or feared as always the possibility of future events.

  20. ellipsis Says:

    eh, I suppose I should have read the rest of the comments. bugger if somebody didn’t get to that already and a bit more eloquently, well there goes my bong.

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