Part 6

On another occasion about this time I was involved in an interesting role reversal and this was the only time in my early life where a girl initiated the activity. I met two older girls that I knew slightly on the way home from school. They lived in a nearby street and as we talked, they said they had something to give me and would I call around that afternoon after school. I did so and when I got there I was taken into what was obviously one girl's bedroom. I was told that it was a surprise, so I was asked to lie on the bed and close my eyes. Suddenly the older sister held my arms while the younger started to remove my shorts. I was a bit frightened and started to struggle but to avail, as they were larger and stronger than I was. When they started to play with my penis and testicles, I suddenly realized that this was fun and lay back to enjoy it. With a bit of persuasion on my part, the older one lifted her dress, removed her panties and allowed me play with her genitals but would not allow me to insert my finger in her 'hole'. She quite well developed and this was my first real experience of full female pubic hair.

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