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A couple of my old friends were asking on BC the other day what even happened to me. I got word of it within hours, and posted there for the first time in about two years. (You know how BC is, no one noticed) I've started to get more mail than usual, asking me to update my site. It's summer, I've just finished my first year of college, and I'm working as much as I can but little else.

What you see below is my site the way I left it a long time ago, when I got a little tired of the BL community and wanted to look elsewhere for something to do. It has been through two moves (to different servers) and many of the links were lost. I will be uploading the ones that matter, and deleting the rest. For a week, the site will look like this, then I can give it a different look and feel. I will include the "old site" for historical reasons, I guess, but there is more to say. I would like to leave the old site alone, and build anew. It served it's purpose I guess then, but now I really want to make some statements about the wholle deal that are not just ramblings of a schoolkid.

I'd like to hear from anyone who has ideas or comments, though I have some of my own. I'll try to keep a running dialog in the "what's new" page, linked above.

(old text) -- My name is Spike. I have just turned 17. I have enjoyed the love, nurturing, and training of a real boylover for several years. My web sites have been online for well over two years now, and I have discovered a generally warm and caring community of boylovers on the internet. I have also discovered a cruel and evil force who abuse both children and human rights under the guise of "child protection", a cancer that has become rampant throughout society. I am fairly intelligent, and quite capable of drawing conclusions for myself once I am able to discover the real facts. Unfortunately, those who I had been taught to trust the most have been feeding me lies. The human mind is a terrible thing to waste. I think I have awaken in time to prevent another wasted life.

Welcome to my web site, where I will let you have a peek into my world, my joys and frustrations, technological tools that I use every day to stay safe, and perhaps some insight into how one boy views boylovers and mentors. Not everything I see is pleasant, and my outlook on adults and society is becoming more jaded as time goes on. This is not a childish rebellion against authority. It is more a thoughtful disgust with the stupidity all around me.

This site is intended to show anyone concerned with the boylove question just where I have found my truth. There is very little exposure for boys who are contented with their situation. We don't show up in detention homes. We don't commit crimes. We are not forced to submit to the abuse of the "abuse industry". We are unknown and unheard. We are happy with our lives, if not with the society in which we must live. We are not brainwashed by religious zealots or court-ordered oppression. We resent being told that our teachers are criminals. It does not serve our self-interest to speak up and be heard, but it is necessary so that others realize how slanted the government "research" is. Your comments and assistance are welcomed. I regret that your visit here must be marred by cold reality. Love should not have to endure such limits.


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